twenty one

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“Did you forget something?”

Sophie could hear Edaline yelling to her as she raced up the stairs to grab Ella.

When Sophie arrived back downstairs, Ella in hand she explained what she and Fitz were going to try.

“So you are going to use each other's stuffed animals to try and loop your subconscious and it is kind of like playing basequest and transmitting all at the same time.” Edaline asked trying to understand but so confused.

“Yes, it's a cognate thing.”

“Ok, if you say so.” Edaline giving Sophie the look that Sophie knew was you two are so cute. “Well I made some mallowmelt, let me put some in a box for you to give to Fitz.”

A few minutes later Fitz and Sophie were back at the amphitheatre ready to make the switch.

“You sure about this? Last chance to change your mind.” Fitz asked holding out Mr. Snuggles.

“I'm sure, plus Edaline sent me with some mallowmelt for you. Just don't get sticky fingers all over Ella!”

The pair put the stuffed animals in their respective bags and decided to walk around Foxfire until school started. They held hands their fingers intertwining as they walked around, it made both of their hearts flutter knowing of the shared feelings between them.

Fitz told her all about his level one ceremony and how excited he was to finally go school and wear the black cape. He told her all about how much he loved classes and when he got to skip to visit the Forbidden Cities to look for her, causing Sophie to blush. It was strange to think of Fitz being in the black first year uniform now looking at him in his elegant long gold cape that accented his perfectly broad shoulders. Sophie loved hearing Fitz talk about growing up, it made her feel good hearing about what a normal childhood was like in the lost cities, well as normal as it can be when you are a Vacker.

They noticed that the campus was starting to fill up with students and figured they better head over to the pyramid for orientation.

They quickly found their friends who were exchanging stories of the weekend since the dinner.

“My dad tried to make me go to Atlantis for brunch to introduce me to some of his other empath friends and I turned to him and asked 'you really want your friends to feel what your son thinks about having brunch with them’ and that was how I got out of brunch and got to stay home and swim at the beach, next time you should all come over for a party, dear old dad would love a raging beach party!”

“A party would be fun,” Biana replied. “We could do an aurenflare on the beach.”

“That would be awesome! Great idea Biana.” Keefe replied already thinking of their next break. “What did you two do?” Looking at Fitz and Sophie and their intertwining fingers.

“Homework.” They both replied in unison.

“And,” Biana said encouraging a little more response knowing very well as soon as Fitz left she was going to grill Sophie for all the details.

“I took Sophie on a date.” Fitz answered very confident like it was the most natural thing in the world for him to go on dates with Sophie.

All the friends eyes grew wide. Sophie started to blush as Linh, Marella and Biana squealed!

Right then an announcement was made for all prodigies in the elite levels to return to the towers. Fitz leaned in to give Sophie a hug goodbye and whispered in her ear, “I’ll miss you so much, I really hope looping works. Let's try tonight, I'll let you know telepathically when my homework should be done.”

Sophie nodded still feeling the warmth from Fitz's breath near her ear.

The group all said their goodbyes and as soon as Fitz and Keefe were gone all attention turned to Sophie.

“Are you guys officially dating?” Came from Biana.

“Did you guys kiss?” Marella asked.

“Where did he take you for the date?” Linh inquired.

Tam and Dex just sat there.

Luckily Sophie was saved from further questioning as Magnete Leto's started on the weeks announcements. Sophie zoned out as most of them didn't apply to her and she didn't know who the level 2 and 3 were that manifested.

After announcements she made her way to her locker to put her books away.

“Yuck, Elwin must have picked today.” Biana said after opening her locker.

“I don't know what that is and please tell me it is something I will never have to taste again.” Sophie added knowing very well that unless she wanted to carry everything all day she would be back later. She carefully pulled out Mr. Snuggles and contemplated if she should leave him in her locker or take him with her for the day.

“Why do you have my brothers stuffed dragon? Oh my goodness are you guys a couple? I am so excited! You have to tell me all about your big date, Fitz only told us you had a picnic by the lake, which is fine but I want details!” Biana said in one breath. Sophie's head started to hurt thinking of how to explain Mr. Snuggles and what to say about their date. Luckily Dex came over before Sophie could say anything.

“Biana did you get a chance to look over the alchemy notes I gave you? Rumour is there is going to be a big quiz this week and wanted to give you a heads up.”

“Seriously, I get that alchemy is important, you don't want to go around accidentally blowing things up or destroying capes,” giving Sophie a glance and a giggle but Sophie was lost in her own thoughts again. “I know I am not going to work in alchemy so why do they make me learn it.”

“Well you could learn how to mix your own beauty elixirs and open a salon and stylizing boutique. Imagine you would get to give makeovers all day long!” Linh added to the conversation as she and Tam walked up.

“Wow, I never thought of that. Hmm maybe I will ask my alchemy mentor about those kind of elixirs. But seriously Sophie, Sophie, SOPHIE!” The third time giving her a little push to bring her back to reality. “What is with the dragon?”

“Umm, it's just a cognate thing we are going to try while we are separated. It's called mind looping.”

“So my brother didn't give you the dragon doused in his cologne to remind you how much he likes you while he is locked away in the towers?”

Sophie took a deep breath of Mr. Snuggles, it did smell like Fitz which brought a huge grin to her face.

“Nope, just a cognate thing. And the date was perfect.”

“Seriously, I am going to have to start spying on your dates in the future if I want any details!”

Sophie didn't acknowledge Biana's frustration but the thought of future dates made her stomach flip flop. The next break was 6 weeks away, and then it was 10 weeks until the 6 week break for midterms. She really hoped this mind looping would work.

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