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Sophie was in her room at Havenfield laying on her bed reliving the hug and kiss on the cheek from Fitz, a huge grin on her face when Edaline came in to check on her.

“I take it the studying went well and you figured somethings out.”

“I am all caught up on my homework and Fitz asked me on a date tonight.

Edaline squealed and ran to the closest. “I know you don't like dresses but I am sure there is one in here that will be perfect.”

“Wait, I asked Fitz if we could do something where I didn't have to dress up.”

A look of shock came over Edaline's face.

“Is that wrong, am I not supposed to tell him things like that.”

“Well Grady always took me to dinner in Atlantis or Eternalia when we started dating. But I guess you kids probably need something more exciting these days.”

Edaline with the help of Vertina picked out a couple of options for Sophie to pick from. Sophie settled on brown boots, navy leggings and a pale yellow tunic with small cutouts in bottom that reminded her of an eyelet dress her mom had made her wear for Foster family photos. Vertina wanted Sophie to do an elaborate updo and full makeup but Sophie insisted that she was going to be nervous enough tonight and so she just wanted to be comfortable. They finally agreed on a high ponytail, mascara and lipgloss. When Sophie looked in the mirror she looked a little bit nicer than she looked any other time she had been around Fitz. Sophie was happy, she looked like herself and not some made over version and she was finally going on a date with Fitz Vacker!

Panic set in, what if Fitz liked dressed up Sophie and not regular boring Sophie? Maybe she should change and put on more makeup, she could even call Biana to come over. It was too late, she slowly closed her eyes and sighed as she heard the voice in her head.

“Sophie, I'm downstairs are you ready?”

“Be down in a second.”

Sophie sighed and decided she was just going to have to go as she was and hope for the best. She made her way down the stairs before seeing Fitz, looking so impossibly good looking. He was dressed in a pair of grey pants and had a navy fitted tunic, and his hair had a few stubborn pieces that were not cooperating which added to the whole too perfect for words thing he had going for him right now.

When Fitz saw Sophie he couldn't stop smiling, she looked perfect. Sure he liked it when Biana dressed her up fancy but the Sophie coming down the stairs was the one that he missed while he was in the towers. He liked seeing her relaxed and at ease. He still couldn't believe that she really did like him and he hoped that she would enjoy their first date together.

“Remember you still have school tomorrow so don't stay out too late,” Grady called out from the kitchen as Edaline just smiled and gave them the you guys are so cute look.

“No problem,” Fitz said in a serious voice that made Sophie let out a nervous giggle.

Fitz took her hand and they walked outside.

“Where are we going Fitz?”

“It’s a surprise, I hope you like it.” Fitz answered as he held up a Pathfinder and leaped them away.

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