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Sophie raced to satchel her worst fears confirmed. She started pacing back and forth shaking her head, muttering just loud enough for Biana to make out something about a letter, satchel, bakery and Fitz.

“Sophie, pull it together. What mistake?” Biana said as she grabbed Sophie by the shoulders squaring her up to and forcing their eyes to meet.

“I can't believe it, I am so stupid. How could I do that?” Sophie said looking away.

“Sophie, I'm sure we can fix whatever this is but you have to tell me what happened.” Biana said giving Sophie a little shake.

“I sent him the letter by mistake.” Sophie's voice so quiet if Biana hadn't been standing right there she would have missed it entirely.

“What letter and who got it?” Biana still trying to piece together everything Sophie was saying.

Sophie took a deep breath and her eyes pleaded with Biana for understanding.

“I wrote Fitz a letter.” Sophie said slowly.

“That's not so bad, what was in the letter?” Biana still wasn't sure why Sophie was freaking out over a letter to a Fitz, he was her boyfriend after all.

If ever there was a time Sophie wished she didn't have a photographic memory it was now. She remembered every word she had put down on paper. Every last word. Could she really tell Biana everything she had written? Would Biana think she was crazy?

“It was something I used to do, back in San Diego a teacher challenged us when we couldn't figure out how we felt about something to just sit and write without thinking. Well after meeting Orem Vacker I just couldn't sort it out in my head so I wrote it out, but I never thought Fitz would actually read it.”

“But it was all good stuff right? You still like Fitz?” Biana asked cautiously. Seeing Sophie this distraught was a little unsettling. Biana tried to remember what Sophie had sent weeks ago at their sleepover about Fitz.

Sophie nodded before continuing her story of what happened after the matchmaker office and visiting the bakery and sending Fitz a box but then being interrupted and accidentally including the very personal letter.

Biana quickly put it all together and realized this was the same bakery that her parents used to send Fitz gifts and that chances were he had already received the package. “Well what did Fitz say when he contacted you tonight? Did he mention it at all?”

Sophie shook her head. “He said he was going to bed.”

“Well maybe he didn't realize it was from you, my parents send Fitz stuff from there all the time and he keeps a secret stash from Keefe. He probably hasn't even opened it yet.”

“If only there was a way to get it back before he does. I can't imagine what is going to happen when he does see the letter.”

“Would it really be that bad? You are dating, and you do like each other, Fitz has pretty much been crazy about you since he found you. Plus you are really quiet about how you feel about things. Sometimes I wonder if Keefe really knows or if he just likes teasing you.”

“But what if it ruins everything, what if he doesn't like me like that or trust me anymore.” Sophie quietly pleaded. Her thoughts of Quinlin’s explanation of Fitz's lack of trust replayed in her head.

“Stop trying to explicate everything, if he doesn't like you or trust you is reading the letter really going to make it worse? No, it will probably give him a clue and he will get it together.” Biana responded making Sophie pause and think about it differently.

“So you think I should just let him find it and deal with it then?” Sophie asked skeptical it was the best option.

“Well that or we could break into the towers and steal it back. Kind of like when we went to Nightfall with Marella and Tam. I vanish, you enhance it and hide with me. We sneak into Fitz's room, raid the stash, get the letter, climb to the top of the tower, jump off and teleport back to Havenfield before anyone realizes we are gone. Whole thing takes less than 20 minutes, give or take how we get Fitz out of his room. I figure you could distract him with some telepathy thing.” Biana answered slyly. She had wanted to sneak back into the towers anyway so why not help Sophie out a little.

“You really think we could do that? Without getting caught?” Sophie asked a little excited at the prospect of getting it back without Fitz knowing.

“Oh please, we have done WAY more dangerous things than sneak into the tower.” Biana smirked. “But is getting the letter back from Fitz really that big of deal? I mean don't you want him to know how you feel. You could just wait for him to find it and see what happens, maybe it would be a really good thing for you guys. You always keep everything bottled up and don't let people in. If Fitz finds it and reads it, well maybe it would help you guys with the whole cognate thing. No more secrets.”

Biana had a good point, Sophie thought. Even though she had told Fitz she liked him which had been her biggest secret, she hadn't told him how much, she hadn't even told him that was her biggest secret. Was she ready for Fitz to know just how much she liked him? Would he freak out?

Sophie knew what she needed to do, she just wasn't sure she was ready to actually go through with it. When Fitz found the letter everything would change. He would finally know exactly how Sophie felt about everything.

Sophie took a deep breath and swallowed. She had to tell Biana the plan and seeing the look in her eyes she wasn't sure if she would be happy or not.

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