forty three

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Fitz was sitting in class not really paying attention to the star maps being projected on the walls. Since Sophie had implanted the star maps Fitz didn't have to study for the Universe anymore which gave him the perfect opportunity to zone out and think of how he was was going to meet up with her today.

Fitz Master Cadence just made it very clear that I am not under any circumstances to try to meet up with anyone in the towers while I am here. I am so sorry. I can't talk right now but I will reach out later.”

Fitz transmitted back that he understood and sighed loud enough that Sir Elon his mentor gave him a confused look.

“Sorry Sir Elon, I am just a little distracted today.” Fitz said debating internally if he should let Sir Elon know about Sophie or not. “I was hoping that something was going to happen today but it isn't and I guess. . .”

“You were hoping you would be invited to Miss Sophie’s special class today weren't you?” Sir Elon asked with an inquisitive look in his eyes.

“Yes.” Fitz admitted sheepishly.

“I figured they would happen Friday afternoons. When Magnate Leto asked me about you skipping this session from time to time I told him I don't know how but that you pretty much have all the star maps memorized.”

“Yes I do.” Fitz admitted.

“So you don't really need to learn anything I am trying to to teach you do you?” Sir Elon asked.

“Not really. Sometimes it takes me a little while to locate the information but it is all in my head already.” Fitz tried to explain.

“Well then if you don't really need this session, I will make you a deal. I will give you Friday afternoons as a free session, you still have to come to class and I will still need to give you a midterm and final, but no more lectures. I will be able to catch up on other things and you can do what you need to. Deal?”


Fitz spent the rest of the session reviewing his homework for the week. It was really nice to have a couple hours with no interruptions from Keefe to actually get things done. He had caught up on all his homework for the week by the time the dinner chimes rang. If he wasn't going to get to get to visit Sophie after her session at least tomorrow he would be able to mind loop and spend more time with her subconscious.

After dinner Fitz was back in his room relaxing for a few minute when a very frustrated Keefe burst in.

“I still can't believe it, my dad thinks I actually need details on his dates with Lady Belva. They are going out again this weekend. My thoughts are 'not there, don't care’ but this is his new form of torture.” Keefe muttered.

“You ever think maybe she will make him happy?” Fitz suggested a grin on his face.

“Ahk, just because you are all mushy lover boy these days doesn't mean everyone needs a relationship.” Keefe answered back with a smirk.

“That's not what I mean, you’re an empath you should understand emotions better than anyone. Maybe your dad was so difficult all the time because he was literally miserable. If he has someone that makes him happy, maybe he won't take it out on you.”

Keefe thought for a minute about what Fitz was suggesting, “you know you might be right. If my dad is distracted with her I can totally throw a killer beach party to celebrate the midterm break. Shores of Solace will become the Paradise Party Palace.”

Fitz rolled his eyes at Keefe before suggesting that maybe Keefe should at least study a little bit. After Keefe went back to his room Fitz sat there and debated whether he should just go to bed early or try to get in some extra studying when a familiar voice filled his head immediately bring a huge grin to his face.

Fitz oh my goodness I have to tell you all about my session today. Are you busy?”

“Nope Sophie I would love to hear all about it.”

“It was so incredible. Clarette took me to the sanctuary so that I could learn to talk to the animals. She had me telepathically study her mind while she spoke to them and I could hear exactly how she knew what to say. I mean I have transmitted thoughts to Silveny, Iggy, and Verdi but never thought I could actually speak to them in their language out loud.”

“So no giant bugs got you?”

“No although she did tell me that I was welcome to visit her anytime and she would show me where they live and how to talk with them. It was really crazy I always thought she hated me after all my incidents with the council but I think she just has a hard time talking with other people. When she was around the animals it was like I was seeing another side of her. I almost feel bad for her, she just seems lonely. Anyway tell me how your day was?”

“Well Sir Elon figured out I don't have to study for the universe since I have the star maps already in my head, thank you again by the way.”


“So he decided that it is basically a free time for me to study, he will still give me a midterm and final but no more lectures. Plus this way I can come easily to any of your sessions if I am invited.”

“I hope you get invited soon.”

“Me too."

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