thirty four

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“Come see you again tomorrow?” Fitz finished taking a deep breath. He wanted to kiss her, but couldn't do it not yet.

Sophie nodded, “I would like that a lot.”

“Ok, I'll come over after breakfast if that's ok.”

“That sounds good.” A hint of disappointment could be heard in her voice as Fitz pulled away.

“Ok well I'll see you tomorrow.” Fitz said as he pulled his fingers from hers already missing them as his hand felt empty and lonely.

“Fitz, should I open my gift tonight or wait and open it with you?”

“You can open it tonight.” Fitz answered with a wink and held up the Pathfinder to take him back to Everglen. “See ya tomorrow.” And with that he was gone.

A few seconds later Fitz had opened the gates, and was making his way up to the house, which unlike the sleepiness of Havenfield was lit up like the middle of the day. Fitz sighed knowing that his parents, Biana and Keefe were all waiting up to hear about his time with Sophie. He opened the door and was making his way to his room when he heard his mom calling for him. “Fitz, honey, we are all in the kitchen come say goodnight.”

Just as he suspected everyone was sitting around the table munching on treats waiting for him. Fitz sighed.

“So?” Biana drawled, giving Fitz the we want details look.

“We had a really nice time, thank you Dad for arranging the trip to the sanctuary Sophie loved it.” Fitz said as he grabbed a treat.

“Dude, you took her to look at animals? What kind of date is that?” Keefe asked.

“You gave me the idea.” Fitz retorted.

“I what? When did that happen? I would remember if I told you to do that.” Keefe answered back searching his memory for why Fitz would think Keefe told him to do that.

“Anyway and thanks Mom for the picnic, you were right the flowers were incredible, and the setup was perfect, you're the best.”

“Ok enough of the boring stuff, did you kiss her? Is Sophie your girlfriend?” Biana prodded.

“No, not that it is any of your business.”

“Humpf,” Biana replied and folded her arms across her chest. Fitz was not the detail man she hoped he would be. Seriously why didn't he kiss her.

“Well son, I'm glad you had a pleasant evening and are home safe. I think we should head to bed, Keefe try not to cause any problems.” Alden said as he rose from the table and took Della's hand leading her out of the room.

“I need to get some sleep, I told Sophie I would visit her again tomorrow. See you guys.” Fitz said as he turned to walk out of the kitchen leaving Biana and Keefe sitting there.

“Wait up, I'm crashing in your room tonight, but don't stay up flirting with Foster all night telepathically, seriously I will prank you so hard.” Keefe said as he raced to catch Fitz, slightly tackling him.

Sophie tiptoed through the house, especially careful not to make a noise as she made her way up to her room. She paused briefly on the second floor and saw a small light coming from Grady and Edaline’s room. They were fast asleep, she didn't want to wake them, but figured if she shut off the light they would know she was home safe. With a flick of the switch the light was off and Sophie was headed up to her room. The perfectly wrapped package sitting in the middle of her bed tempting her to rush to open it but she decided to get ready for bed first. She quickly changed into her PJ’s and brushed her teeth before sitting on her bed. She opened the envelope and read the card.


Congratulations on passing your midterms.
I knew you could do it.

Searching the world for you let me see things I never knew existed, I hope you enjoyed the same today.

All the light from the stars in the sky will never shine as bright as you.


Curiously Sophie opened the box, inside was a human looking globe, she looked at it for a second and was confused by Fitz's note when she noticed a small switch near the base. She flipped it and suddenly the globe lit up and projected the night sky across her room. She saw the big dipper and thought of the story she had told Fitz that night about wishing for a place she was normal. As she lay in bed staring up at the stars projected on her ceiling she realized her wish had come true, Fitz was like her and when was with Fitz she didn't feel like a freak or a special sophieflake, she just felt normal and it felt so good.

Before long Sophie was fast asleep under a blanket of stars a red sparkly dragon in her arms.

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