thirty six

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Sophie sat there for a few seconds looking out over the water, her heart was racing. Fitz wanted her to be his girlfriend, it was like everything she had dreamed about for the past 3 years was finally falling coming true. “I like the idea of being your girlfriend, but what does it mean? What is going to change?”

Fitz thought for a second again choosing his words very wisely. “I don't think it changes anything with us we just keep doing what we have been doing, spending time together, going on dates and maybe we check in with each other a little more to talk about life and what is going on, really confide in one another. I think it more changes that we don't have to worry about one another doing any of those things with someone else. I know that you are mine and I am yours. It’s not you and me, it’s now an us and we thing.”

“Us huh? I like the sound of us.”

“Me, too” Fitz said as he grabbed her hand and squeezed it a little. “Plus now I can hold your hand all the time without it being weird and maybe other couple things.” He added with a wink.

“Are we going to tell everyone?”

“That's up to you, I mean I want to tell the whole world that you are my girlfriend, but if your not comfortable with that we don't have to. Or we could just tell Biana and she will let everyone know.”

Sophie giggled at that, Biana would tell everyone, there was probably even some scroll she would arrange to have sent to every house letting them know Fitz and Sophie were officially dating.

“Maybe we just keep it between us for now, and maybe our parents.” Sophie said. “Grady asked me about getting my matchmaking packet, do you think I should fill one out?”

That was not a question that had even crossed his mind in the whole dating Sophie situation.

“I know you told me a while ago that you hadn't decided if you were going to register and I told you I hoped you would consider it. But for me, right now it honestly doesn't matter one way or the other. I know how I feel about you and the trust we have in each other and I don't think that is ever going to change.” Fitz said resolutely. “Plus you still have half your 5th level, your entire 6th level and 2 years of the elite levels before we could really even think of get married or anything.” He smiled at Sophie.

“You really wouldn't care if I didn't register?” Sophie asked knowing the implications of what a bad match were.

“Nope right now it just means you won't start showing up on others boys lists. I worry I'm going to start getting Willowing Gala invitations. I heard that during the midterm break a lot of girls try to have one.”

That comment made Sophie’s head spin. Fitz was already registered, of course his name would show up on girls lists. What would he do if he got invited to a Gala? She reached for her eyelashes with her free hand before stopping herself.

“Would you go if you got invited?” Sophie asked the quiver in her voice was a dead giveaway she was scared of his answer.

“Only if my parents made me, even then I would find a way to ditch. I'm sure Keefe could give me tips. I told you, part of this ‘us’ thing is not having to worry about one another and other people. Besides I doubt my parents would make me go, they are pretty excited about us going on dates.” Fitz answered calmly.

“Really?” Sophie asked.

Fitz nodded with smile, “they have stayed up waiting for me to get home and ask me all kinds of questions about our dates. I haven't told them much, it drives my mom and Biana crazy.”

Sophie laughed, she could totally see Biana and Della asking all these questions and Fitz avoiding answering them.

“Speaking of dates, would you like to go to dinner tonight? We could go early and hang out and talk more.”

“That sounds fun, would you want to go to Eternalia again or maybe Atlantis?”

“I was thinking Mysterium, then we wouldn’t have to get dressed up. It's funny after all the years of wearing capes and dressing for the nobility, I realized how much I enjoy relaxing and wearing comfy clothes.”

“That's funny because I was just starting to enjoy dressing up a little bit.” Sophie said with a giggle.

“Really? We can go somewhere fancy if you want to dress up. I just want to be with you it doesn't matter where we are.” Her answer had surprised Fitz.

“No Mysterium is perfect. Should we start walking back or just head there now?” Sophie asked.

“Before we leap there, I wanted to talk to you about something, do you want to keep Ella and Mr. Snuggles switched to keep mind looping or should we take a break for awhile?”

“It doesn't matter to me, I'm ok with whatever you want to do. Maybe if a telepathy mentor has a cognate we could ask them more about mind looping since Tiergan never had a cognate partner.”

“That's a good idea,” Fitz said thinking maybe now that they were officially a couple she would trust him her secret. “Ok then if you are ok without Ella I will keep her until the next break. Is Mr. Snuggles helping you keep the nightmares away? He is a scary dragon after all he will totally protect you.”

Sophie laughed at the thought of Mr. Snuggles being a scary dragon, he was sparkly and super soft and faintly smelled like Fitz. If anything it was the intoxicating smell of Fitz that kept the nightmares away, she had the best dreams snuggling with that sparkly red dragon.

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