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Looking around Sophie was surprised to see where the final coordinates had sent her.

“Sophie, you made it! When you didn't respond to our messages, we didn't think you were coming.” Marella squealed as she grabbed Sophie's hand pulling her towards the group of friends.

Sophie quickly surveyed the scene and was surprised to see Dex and Keefe gathered around something, Linh and Wylie were playing with light and water near the shoreline, and Biana had finally realized Sophie was there and was making her way over. There were groups of kids Sophie recognized from school and in the distance she spotted Tam and Fitz deep in conversation, oblivious to her arrival.

“Are you ok now?” Biana whispered pulling Sophie into a hug.

Still shocked as to how she had gotten there she simply nodded. She hadn't really expected to end up anywhere specific but Keefe's party was not even on her radar. How did Tiergan even know about Keefe's party?

“Well come on you're just in time.” Biana said as she pulled Sophie down to sit between her and Marella. “Keefe and Dex are just about ready. Dex added some modifications so who knows what is going to happen.”

“Come on everyone, it is almost ready.” Keefe yelled out to gather the group over to where the girls were sitting.

“What's almost ready?” Sophie asked still trying to piece everything together.

“Really Foster? This is called an aurenflare or have you forgotten what that is?” Keefe smirked at Sophie.

“It's a special kind of bonfire.”

Sophie smiled as a familiar accented voice filled her head again.

“Keefe, it's a bonfire.” Sophie smarted back with a grin.

“Way to keep up Foster, you are in for a treat. Dex has tinkered with this one to make it extra special. Right Dex?” Keefe said turning to Dex.

“Yes, I added a little-” Dex started to speak.

“No offense, but none of us get what it is exactly that you do, just that in the end it is cool.” Keefe said interrupting Dex. “Marella a little help here.”

“Good thing Linh is here, I'm better at this pyro thing but I would hate it to burn down Lord Cassius’ beach escape.” Marella muttered under her breath.

In a matter of minutes a glorious bonfire was raging on the beach, the colors from the leaves seemed to dance up into the sky. Sophie sighed and her shoulders dropped.

“Are you ok? Any headache this time?” Fitz transmitted.

“No, I'm fine. It has just been a long day, confusing and long.”

“Want to talk about it?”

“No, yes, kind of, I don't know.”

The confusion was racing through Sophie's head, was she ready to talk to Fitz? Before she had arrived she was ready to find him, she just thought she would have more time to gather her thoughts.

Well I was hoping we could talk about what happened.” Fitz suggested tentatively.

Good talk?” Sophie transmitted nervously.

“Well that depends on a couple things.”

Sophie couldn't help but feel the hesitancy in his transmission.

“It wasn't what you think. . .” Sophie started to transmit as Fitz sent “I read your letter.”

“Maybe we should talk rather than transmit.”

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