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"She is coming tonight, right Biana?" Fitz asked nervously as he paced the carpet in Biana's room.

"Yes Fitz, I made Sophie promise me she would not get distracted or bail." Biana replied rolling her eyes while putting away the last of her things she had brought home from Foxfire.

"She does think it is just girls slumber party to celebrate her graduation from Foxfire right?" Fitz's hands nervously knit together and then quickly were back on his sides.

"Yes, she thought it was weird since Marella, Lihn and I were with her this past year and basically spent every weekend of her last semester with her since she wasn't allowed to leave the tower, but she is coming." Biana paused,  "you talked to Grady, right?" 

"Yes, he was surprisingly calm during everything. He kept saying 'you're really sure about this? You haven't seen each other for almost 6 months.' I reassured him that we mind loop at least once a week, to which I had to remind him I wasn't physically in her room, just mentally there." Fitz head went back and forth mentally playing out his conversation with Grady.

"Do you think it will be weird to actually see her again?"

Fitz stopped pacing and grinned. "No, not see her, I can't wait to hold her hand again. Even without her enhancing it is still the most exhilarating feeling ever."

"Are you worried about being a bad match? I don't know if Sophie ever filled out her packet, after Keefe's party she never mentioned it."

"We talked about it and everything is all worked out." Fitz's grin grew even wider.

"What does that mean?" Biana puzzled.

"It means you don't need to worry about it, that it is not an issue." Fitz admonished.

Biana looked at her brother and smiled, she didn't know what he had pulled off or if it would matter since obviously Sophie and Fitz were compatible and trusted each other more than anyone else. She was just excited that tonight if everything went according to Fitz's plan Sophie would soon be her sister-in-law and that would mean lots of parties, which meant shopping for new party dresses.

"Well everyone should be here soon, why don't you go check with the Gnomes and make sure everything is set up for your big night. I need to make sure I have enough lovely locks and fabulous face for tonight. Sophie won't suspect anything when we give her a makeover!"

"Be nice to her, Biana. I love her just the way she is. She doesn't need all that to be beautiful." Fitz instructed making his way out of her room, he did need to go check with the Gnomes and make sure everything was ready for when Biana would send Sophie outside.

Fitz's eyes went all dreamy picturing Sophie and how she was the prettiest girl he had ever seen, she had an effortless quality and in the world of gems and sparkles, she didn't need any of that to outshine everything around her. He was still swimming in his memories of Sophie when he heard his dad call him into his office.

"You all set for tonight, son?" Alden's voice calmly inquired as Della smiled and added, "I always wanted Sophie to be part of the family officially."

"Yes dad, and mom this wouldn't have worked if you had ended up adopting her that's just wrong." Fitz said with a shiver.

"Well anyways we won't keep you but Grady and Edaline are joining us for a little celebration after we hail them with the good news so be sure to come back up to the house when you are done." Della exclaimed animatedly. A look trepidation crept across Fitz's face.

"It will all be ok, no reason to worry." Alden added as he turned to file his paperwork on his desk.

Fitz left the office and went outside to find Brynd the gnome who was helping arrange things for the night, it had to be perfect. Sophie was absolutely the perfect person for Fitz and he was so lucky he found her so early in his life. His dad had to wait over a hundred years to find Della and the more he thought about it a lot of elves never found anyone they wanted to spend forever with.

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