forty two

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“Sophie is now a good time to catch up?”

It wasn't, Sophie still hadn't started her homework but didn't want to miss talking to Fitz.

“Yeah I guess I've got a little bit of time. How was your day?”

“Honestly, I was really distracted I didn't pay much attention to my mentors. I can't stop thinking about this weekend. How was your day?”

“It was ok, I helped a level 1 with some homework in the tutoring center with her Universe homework. She was really interested in animals and wants to work at the Sanctuary so we talked about that for a while also.”

“Did you hear anything about a telepathy session?”

“Yes well no. I got a scroll that lists the first four sessions and none are telepathy related. You were right those are some big names on there.”

“Who do you have this week?”

“Councillor Clarette.”


Sophie thought immediately of Fitz being impaled by the giant bug and Clarette freaking out about the bug and not Fitz.

“Not my greatest moment, that was a rough week for sure.”

“It's ok maybe she will be able to help me figure out how to talk more with other animals, but just to be safe I will avoid giant bugs for you."

“Who else did you learn is coming?”

“Bronte and Oralie to talk about emotions and inflicting, Councillor Liora about the void and Orem Vacker about illusions.”

Fitz was quiet. Too quiet.

Is there something wrong?”

“No, not wrong. I'm just trying not to think about it.”

“Think about what? Should I be worried to meet Orem Vacker?”

“Oh no I don't think so, I mean he seems nice the couple times I've met him.”

Than what is it?”

“I just didn't think it would be at least another month before I see you again. I had thought since we are cognates that we would get some training together. It is just going to be harder that's all.”


“To stay focused. It hasn't even been a whole day and I can't not be thinking about you.”

From her room Sophie started blushing. She had thought about Fitz all day too. She thought about him during her sessions that day, she thought about him and going to the sanctuary when she was tutoring Rina, and she definitely thought of him when she saw Vacker on her ability training sessions. This was going to be hard.

Fitz I hate to have to say goodnight but I haven't even started my homework yet and it is a lot.”

“No I understand, don't stay up too late studying. Goodnight Sophie.”

“Night Fitz.”

Sophie tried to focus on her homework but her mind wouldn't focus, all she could think about was her new ability sessions and when she would see Fitz again. Lucky for her there was still enough Bramble Blue on Mr. Snuggles to pull her dreams into a tranquil slumber.

The rest of the week went by pretty routinely. School, tutoring center, dinner, brief chat with Fitz and then more studying before bed. Before Sophie knew it Friday had come and she ate lunch quickly to make sure she had lots of time to get to the tower to meet Master Cadence to be admitted in.

“Welcome back Sophie, I understand you will be joining us Friday afternoons now.” Master Cadence spoke smugly motioning Sophie to put on her silver cape. “Please know that I fully intend to keep the distractions out of my tower, and while you and your abilities are not a distraction I know very well the trouble your friends in the tower can cause. Under no circumstances are you to meet with them while you are here, unless they are approved to be in the session with you. Understand?”

“Yes.” Sophie grumbled. There went any chance of seeing Fitz today. She quickly transmitted to him to not even try to come see her today that Master Cadence was not going to let them meet up. Fitz responded with disappointment in his voice that he understood and that he still wanted to hear all about her session today later that night and maybe they could mind loop again tomorrow.

Before Sophie realized it she was being ushered into a classroom. It wasn't set up like any of her other classrooms rather it looked like a formal sitting room proper chairs and a small couch. A couple of small tables sat next to the couch and a plush rug was on the floor.

“Not sure if you are actually studying in here or having a tea party but this is where you will be. Your first mentor should be here shortly.”

And before Sophie could say anything Master Cadence was gone, leaving Sophie alone in the room. She contemplated reaching out to Fitz again but figured it would be best to wait until later. A couple minutes later Councillor Clarette breezed in looking very regal in a flowy yellow gown that sparkled with her movements.

“Well Miss Sophie, we meet again. I have made arrangements for us to leave the school so please collect your things you will need for the weekend. I let Grady and Edaline know you may be late tonight so come on. Meet me in the courtyard and we will go.”

Sophie was visibly stunned, she hadn't thought she would leave the campus but made her way to her locker to gather her things. She stopped by the tutoring center to let Lady Nissa know she wouldn't be coming by before she went to the courtyard.

“Well let's go, we can't keep the animals in the sanctuary waiting can we.” Clarette said as she took Sophie's hand and pulling out her pathfinder taking them to the sanctuary.

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