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Echo had only gotten a sliver of sleep before the piercing alarm was in her ear. Echo cringed in pain and cried out. She quickly sat up in the bed and looked around the room letting out a single word, "Alec."


Echo could feel that Alec was near her and suddenly she vanished from her bed. Echo wasn't expecting the sudden shift in the air and her breath was caught in her throat.

Echo's feet landed in the new training room before she doubled over and fell to one knee. Echo pushed her black hair from her face and looked up to see Lydia, Isabelle, Clary, and Alec all hovering over a body with a gruesome wound in his chest. Echo pulled in a breath, "What the hell?" Echo's profanity wasn't just due to the fact that the man had a horrible death, but also because she could feel her demon starting to push through.

Every head within hearing range turned to her, but it was Alec who acted. He stood up and started towards Echo, but she quickly shook her head and held up a hand as she slowly stood up, "No." Echo looked down at her body as she started to feel her body temperature rise. Echo looked up at Alec, "There's a demon in the Institute."

Alec already knew this information; "We need to get you out of here. It's a possession Demon."

Lydia shook her head, "It shouldn't be able to possess her."

Alec quickly licked his lips as Echo spoke, "I can help you find it."

The Shadowhunter shook his head, "No."

Echo let out a sharp breath, Yes.

Alec was suddenly defeated as he heard Echo's word in his head. He let out a breath before turning to face Lydia, "Let's get to work."

Lydia gave a nod and started walking into Operations with her team following her as she spat out orders, "Activate emergency surveillance. Victor's unreachable. I've ordered the Institute to be put under quarantine until we kill this thing."

Clary and Lydia started to dress in Shadowhunter gear, "But I don't get it. How did a demon get past the wards?"

Clary's words were what Echo was thinking. From beside Echo, Isabelle took a step forward, "Same way it got in without setting off this." Isabelle touched the demon stone around her neck.

Echo looked over at the gem and realized that it was dull even when she was near. She hadn't thought about the gem in weeks.

"It must have some advanced cloaking ability. It hid in the dead body and let us do the rest."

Echo shook her head, "If it's cloaked, why can I feel it?"

"Because you have a connection to the Downworlders." Lydia always had the answers.

Echo's back straightened, "Does that mean I can track it?"

Lydia shook her head, "I don't know."

"Wait," Clary spoke, "I didn't know that demons could do that. Hide in a body."

Alec licked his lips before he sat down at the table; "Until now, they couldn't. This new form of possession, cloaking ability, targeting the Institute, it's..." Alec paused, but Clary's words caused a chill down Echo's back.
"Valentine. His experiments."

Echo leaned against the table and looked up at her sister with her red eyes, "My mom told me how he was determined to create a super-being that could defeat the Clave. It's what he intended to do with Jace."

Echo let out a small snort at the situation. Alec looked down at her; "Echo?"

Echo shook her head and controlled her laugh, "I'm sorry. Jace? He did that with me, Clary, but I guess he wanted his son to overpower him and not his daughter."

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