Three days

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Echo wanted to tell Alec the truth, but she thought that it would cloud his judgment. But she immediately dismissed the thought knowing she wouldn't be able to hide it from him. She wasn't even sure how the Seelie Queen knew. It wasn't three days ago that she and Alec had woken up together.

"Echo?" Echo was torn from her thoughts as she heard Isabelle's voice. Isabelle walked up to the Shadowdemon and quickly noticed her shocked expression, "Are you okay?" She looked behind her, "Where are Jace and Clary? Are they okay?"

Echo nodded, "Where's Alec?"

Isabelle was a little uneasy by Echo's frightened tone, "He's in the meeting with the Downworlders."

Echo looked directly into Isabelle's eyes, "I need to talk to him." Isabelle noticed the urgency.

"He specifically said not to interrupt."

Echo let her eyes bug out, "Isabelle. I need to talk to Alec. Now."

Isabelle let out a slight breath before she nodded, "Okay. Okay, I'll go see." Isabelle was clearly worried about Echo, but she walked away from her sister-in-law with hurried steps.

Echo put her fingers into her hair and pulled at the roots hoping to find some distraction. She still didn't have an explanation for how the Queen knew before Echo could even think of it. She figured that the Queen knew more than she was letting on. Echo paced the hallway with a shake in her hand until she heard footsteps on the carpet.

She looked up and saw Alec, dressed in a suit, walk up to her. "Hey, this isn't really a good ti—" Alec noticed Echo's pale face, "Echo? What's wrong? Are Jace and Clary..."

Echo shook her head and pulled in a shallow breath, "Their fine." Echo let out her shaking breath and could feel quick, hot tears prick the back of her eyes.

No! I can't tell him, not now! He has more important things to think about.

"Tell me what, Echo?"

Echo shook her head; she couldn't say the words out loud. She looked up at Alec as the tears mercilessly made their way down her cheeks. I'm pregnant.

As Alec received the message, his face drained of blood and he could feel his stomach sink. Although the shock didn't last nearly as long as it did for Echo. Alec pulled in a large breath to calm his racing heart.

Echo shook her head, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Echo's voice broke, "I know that this meeting is important to you, but the Queen told me and I—"

Alec shook his head and pulled Echo into his chest, "Shh, It's okay. We will figure this out."

"Alec." Magnus had walked into the hall. "We need you back."

Alec held Echo into his chest but turned his head towards the Warlock, "Give me a minute."

Magnus noticed how Echo had shining tears against her cheeks and gave a nod. He vanished back around the corner and Alec gently pulled Echo from his body.

He looked down at her, "Everything is going to be okay. Just head to your room and I'll be there the second the meeting is over. It will be okay." Alec's words were slightly off pitch, but he quickly regained himself.

Echo's lip quivered before she nodded, "O-okay."

Alec planted a kiss on her forehead before he reluctantly removed himself from the situation. Echo watched Alec adjust his suit jacket as he rounded the corner.

Echo stood in the middle of the hallway for another moment before she was pushed back to reality. She shook her head but didn't whip the tears from her cheeks; knowing that there would be more to come. Echo completely ignored her tears as she quickly turned on her heal with another mission in her mind. She set her face into a mask that clearly had remnants of fear. Echo grit her teeth to keep herself from crying out as she walked down the corridors.

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