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Clary, Echo and Alec looked at the monitor and watched Alec, who was possessed by the demon, fight and kill Jocelyn before looking up at the camera above him with sclera coated eyes. Echo could feel the plethora of emotions swimming. Anger, betrayal, sadness, shock. It was dark in Echo's mind.

"Oh my god." Alec wasn't sure what to say to Echo's sister, "Clary, I—" Clary held up her hand to stop Alec as she grit her teeth.

Alec glanced over at Echo before looking back down at Clary.

"I have a demon to kill." Clary suddenly strode away with so much anger that Echo had never seen before.

Echo looked up at Alec and saw how he furrowed his eyebrows. Echo reached over and took Alec's hand so that he would look at her, "She isn't mad at you."

Alec was still in shock, "I killed Jocelyn."

Echo took a step closer to Alec and shook her head, "No, the demon did. I'm sorry I wasn't there to help. I couldn't hear you."

Alec glanced down and just now noticed that Echo was in just a sports bra and it showed the bloodstained gauze very clearly.

Alec shook his head, "I need to talk some sense into Clary."

Echo held onto Alec's hand, "I'll take you to her." Echo closed her eyes and pulled Alec with her as she transported both of them just behind Clary as she strutted into the Training room. Alec quickly caught up to her.

"Clary, you don't have to do this. You don't have to put yourself in danger. Not now."

The trio rounded the corner and saw Isabelle coming straight towards them, but Alec spoke before Echo could warn him, "Izzy, we need your help. Jocelyn is—"

The demon interrupted Alec, "Dead because of you." Isabelle went to make a pass at Alec, but the brother quickly moved out of the way. The three Shadowhunters were quick to react, "It's inside her."

Alec suddenly had a bow and arrow in his hand as he aimed, "It's still Izzy, be careful where you aim."

Isabelle glanced at all of her targets before she made a move. The demon used Isabelle's speed to advance on Clary. The demon took Clary into its hands and threw her across the room knocking her to the ground. Isabelle turned and faced Alec and Echo before the demon used its knowledge. The demon quickly took a blade from the rack behind Echo and plunged it into her thigh, rendering her useless.

Echo went down with a gasp as the demon attacked Alec and pushed him to the ground using Isabelle's strength. Alec landed on his back and the demon crouched over the top of him, "Always the favourite child." The demon put malice into Isabelle's tone, "I'm done living in your shadow."

Echo tore the blade from her thigh with a gasp just as Isabelle lifted her hand to plunge into Alec's chest.

Echo went to stagger forward, but Clary was suddenly behind Isabelle pushing a blade into her scapula. Isabelle struggled against Clary for a moment before the demon emerged itself out of Isabelle, allowing the Shadowhunter to be free. Before the demon escaped through the vents again, Echo quickly stood to her feet and held out a hand. Echo let out a breath and the Demon responded to her.

As Echo and the Demon held a connection, Echo could feel her hair whipping around her from the wind that the Demon gave off. Echo looked over at Clary, "Clary, now!"

The new Shadowhunter turned to the Demon with a blade shining in her hand, "Go back to Hell where you belong." Clary swung the sword and let it slash the demon into a shred of orange.

Echo let out a breath and fell back onto her knees in the moment of quietness until all three Shadowhunters surrounded Isabelle. Isabelle was unconscious as they rotated her onto her back, but after a moment she gasped to life. Alec let out a breath of relief and helped his sister up to sitting and pulled her into his arms. Echo wasn't worried about her injury; she was more worried about her sister.

Echo honestly didn't feel sad about her mother's death, but Clary did. Echo pushed herself to stand as Clary walked away from Isabelle and Alec. The little sister slowly sat down on the bench that was stationed in the middle of the room just as Echo felt another presence. Echo turned her head to saw Jace and Aldertree enter the room, but it was Simon who pushed through the two and went up to Clary.

Jace caught Echo's eye and she shook her head. Jace noticed that Isabelle was injured and quickly knelt down next to his siblings. As Simon was comforting Clary and Jace was comforting his siblings, Echo was caught in an impossible situation. Alec stood and pulled Isabelle with him leaving Jace stuck in the same position as Echo. The two siblings looked at each other for a moment before Jace slowly backed out of the room.

Echo was the only one standing; she looked over at Clary and Simon and let out a breath. Clary had Simon and she could feel that he was all she needed. Echo looked down in defeat. She felt like she had lost her connection with her sister and she wasn't sure if it was her own fault or not. Echo let out a sigh before she limped from the training room and into her own. She was going to go find Alec, but she knew that he was taking care of Isabelle and Echo didn't want Alec to be overwhelmed by her injuries.

Echo closed the door to her room and let out a cringe as she sat down on the edge of her unmade bed. Echo shook her head and as she did, she saw her Stele in her vision. Echo reached down at took the Stele into her gasp and was mildly shocked that it didn't burn her.

It had been so long since she had a new rune. Echo shook her head, she honestly didn't know if it would work. Echo glanced at the Iratze on her forearm, just above her wedded rune and let out a sigh as she ran the crystal over the rune to activate it. The rune glowed slightly orange before Echo started to feel her pain lift. She pulled in a breath at her sudden relief and shock.

In moments, she was healed. She pulled the gauze from her chest and her skin was as smooth as it was before, apart from her scars. Echo sat on her bed, newly healed, for a moment. The silence was thick around her; she pushed out any unnecessary noises as she shut her eyes. The silence was welcoming. For so long, all Echo could hear were thoughts and emotions. It was overwhelming. 

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