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With the new information about her brother, Echo swiped a tablet from Ops and started her research on split personalities. If she didn't have the ability to read minds, she wouldn't have believed Sebastian. She would have thought that he was making up an excuse for his behavior, but Echo knew the truth. Yet, she still couldn't bring herself to let anyone know she knows who Sebastian really is.

Echo was so engrossed in her research that when she felt a tap on her shoulder, she pulled in a breath and quickly turned to see Alec. She figured it was to bust her for what she was doing, but she felt his emotion.

Echo put the tablet down on the table and looked up at him, "What is it?"

Alec had glossy eyes, "It's Max. The Silent Brothers want to do a procedure on him, but they say that most Shadowhunters don't survive it. I-I got Magnus to come, but I don't know if he can do anything."

Echo saw a tear fall from Alec's eye and she quickly wiped it away with the sleeve of her jacket. "Max is strong. Far stronger than we thought possible."

Alec caught Echo's hand and kept her palm on his cheek, "Will you wait with me?"

Echo pulled in a breath and nodded, "Of course."

Alec took Echo's hand and pulled it into his chest. He kissed at her fingers, "Thank you."

Alec and Echo walked towards the infirmary and when they rounded the corner, she saw that they weren't alone. Maryse and Robert were already sitting with somber emotions. Maryse shot her head up and saw Echo. The Mother stood and pulled the Shadowdemon into a hug, "Thank you for being here."

Echo pulled away, "Max is family." Echo felt her own emotions start to well up.

Robert slowly stood up and looked down at Echo, "Echo. It's good to see you again."

Echo swallowed, obvious to the awkwardness from her father-in-law, "It's good to see you too."

Alec saw the tension and pulled his wife from his parents. Alec sat across from his mother and Echo sat next to Alec. Echo obviously had better things to do with her time, but this was the most important task. She was there to comfort her husband and hope for Max's recovery. As Echo sat next to Alec with her hand in his, she could feel her daughter moving inside of her stomach. She set her other hand on her belly and felt the worm-like motions underneath her palm.

She glanced over at Alec before she pulled his hand over and placed it on top of her shirt. Alec let his hand lay flat on Echo's growing stomach and after a moment he felt the movement. Alec and Echo both let smiles on their faces. Echo leaned into Alec so she could whisper in his ear.

"I thought of a name."

Alec let out a small smile, "What is it?"

Echo swallowed and bit her lip, "You can tell me if you don't like it."

Alec looked into Echo's eyes, "I'll love it."

Echo looked down at her stomach, "Burgundy."

Alec let his smile widen and nodded, "I love it." Alec placed a kiss on Echo's cheek, but that was as long as the happiness lasted. The anticipation for Max's prognosis settled in again, and the blue emotion was back. Echo and Alec stayed that way, hands on Echo's belly until Isabelle hurried around the corner.


Echo swallowed but shook her head.

Just as Isabelle let out a sigh, the door to the infirmary opened and Magnus and Brother Enoch came out. Echo could already tell that his magic had failed and they would have to do the risky procedure. Echo gripped at Alec's hand as Magnus spoke.

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