Replica and Fraction

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The Shadowdemon wasn't sure what to do. The child wasn't much older than five, but clearly had runes marked on her skin. Echo looked down at her runes and found that the girl's were in the exact same spots.

Echo swallowed, "Is your name Echo, too?"

The little girl gave a small nod and Echo let out a breath, "I'm going to take care of you okay?"

Echo let her features soften, but the girl looked down at the blade in her hand. Echo paused, "I'm not going to hurt you. See." Echo let the blade slide into the handle and she placed the handle in her waistband, "We aren't going to hurt you. That guy," Echo gestured to Alec, "His name is Alec. Do you," Echo glanced around, "How did you get here?"

The little girl, still standing on the edge of the fountain, looked down at Echo, "Mommy told me to stay here until she got back."

"Where did your mom go, do you know?"

The little girl shook her head, "She went that way." She pointed to the steps behind Alec. Echo narrowed her eyes slightly, "Okay, we can find her. Will you come with me?"

Little Echo hesitated for a moment before she nodded her head. She jumped off of the fountain and Echo held out her hand. The girl took the hand and followed Echo up to Alec. Alec was at a loss, he wasn't sure of the situation.

"Alec, this is Echo."

Alec had a difficult time masking his bewilderment. Alec looked at his wife with wide-eyes.

"We have to find her mother." Echo looked down at the child, "Echo, do you know what your mom's name is?"

The girl nodded, "Jocelyn. She is with my brother."

Echo pulled in a breath, the situation just got complicated. Echo felt a chill run down her back, "What's your brother's name?"


Oh, my god.

Echo was suddenly out of breath. The little girl was an exact mirror of herself with her mother and twin's name. Echo looked up at Alec, "Has this ever happened before?"

Alec shook his head, just as confused and weirded out as Echo, "No. Echo," I don't know that she is real.

Echo swallowed at Alec's answer but looked back down at the girl. "Okay, Echo. Let's go find your mom and brother."

Echo glanced up at Alec before she walked in the direction that the girl pointed to. Alec kept his hands on his bow and arrow as they walked. Little Echo skipped, obviously joyed that she wasn't alone anymore. Echo and Alec kept giving each other glances as they walked. When the trio got to the top of the steps they saw two people standing on the path.

One person was obviously a woman and the other was a small child. As they walked closer, the woman turned around and again Echo was shocked. The woman had dark red-orange hair and green eyes; just like Jocelyn. The boy by her side had silver-blond hair with brilliant blue eyes.


The little girl in Echo's grasp looked up at the woman and gave a smile, "Mommy!"

Echo let her little legs fly in front of her before she suddenly vanished in a field of red and reappeared right next to her mother.

Echo was beyond confused; she was shocked. Little Echo ran into her mother's arms as Alec and Echo walked up to the mother.

"Oh thank you! I was so worried about her. Thank you for helping her." Jocelyn gave a large smile as she held her daughter in her arms.

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