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The longer that Echo sat on the roof of the Institute, the lower the sun went down in the sky. From where she was sitting she could see a vast majority of New York with a single glance. With her new vision, she could see plenty that she couldn't see before. Before she could only see the outline of the buildings during the evening, but in this moment, she could see every detail on the furthest building from her view. She could see the Mundanes walking about the city and she could hear the incessant blaring of car horns on the streets.

Echo sat on the edge of the roof and let her feet dangle in the air. She was easily seven or eight stories above the ground, but she didn't fear that she would fall. In fact, this was the first time that Echo felt calm. She watched as the lilac of the sky faded into midnight blue. Echo looked directly above her. Not more than a week ago, Echo wasn't able to see a single star in the sky due to the amount of lights in the city, but in that moment, she could see constellation after constellation.

Echo let a small smile grow on her face as she took in the suns and galaxies at her disposal. This was the first night, in a long while, that Echo felt normal. This was the first night that Echo felt at peace. But Echo also knew that the calmness and peacefulness of the night wouldn't last long. She knew that something was going to interrupt her; she was just waiting on the when.

And as if her thoughts had suggested it, she could feel that Alec was connecting to her. Echo furrowed her brows and listened with her hearing, but what she was hearing wasn't surrounding her physically. Echo listened for a moment longer before she let a sigh escape her lips. She swung her legs around so that they landed on the concrete of the roof before she stood up.

Ever since Echo knew that she could teleport without almost killing herself, she found it as a reliable mode of transportation and she used it often. Echo made sure that her cell phone was in her pocket before she used her power to track Alec. Echo envisioned Alec in her mind before she allowed herself to travel via mist.

Echo's surroundings blurred for a moment before they stabilized. Echo looked at her surroundings and found that she was on the balcony of Magnus' apartment. She made sure that her feet were stable before she turned around. Both of the men had a different expression on their faces. Magnus was confused and intrigued and Alec was annoyed and surprised.

Echo saw that Alec's shirt was off and he was hovering his Stele above his Parabati rune. Echo hadn't seen Alec shirtless in a while and it shocked her to see him like that. Echo shook her head to clear up her thoughts before she stepped into Magnus' apartment.

"What are you doing?"

Magnus was at a loss for words at her sudden arrival into his lair. Alec sat up slightly.

"I have to track Jace. This is the only way I know that will work."

Echo licked her lips and approached the Shadowhunter, "And what if Jace doesn't want to be found?"

Alec froze for a moment; he hadn't considered what Jace may have wanted. Ultimately he shook his head, "I need to. You can stay if you want, but I'm doing this." Alec looked up at Magnus and gave him a short nod.

Alec laid back down on the couch and adjusted his body so that he could prepare to track Jace. Echo gave a sigh and folded her arms, but allowed Magnus to use his power to keep Alec away from the pain. Magnus snapped his fingers and the blue-purple mist grew from his fingertips. Echo looked down at her own hands for a moment as she swiped them through the air. She saw the trail of red behind her movements. The sight was odd to her, but she enjoyed it.

Echo glanced from Magnus to Alec as Magnus used his gestures to let his magic coat Alec. Alec let out a series of nervous breaths as he positioned the Stele over the correct rune. The rune beneath the crystal glowed to life with a small burst of orange. Echo let out a breath as Alec looked up only moments after he started to activate the rune. Echo knew exactly what had happened.

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