Unexpected Company

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"Hey, heading out, call if you need anything."

Echo looked up to Luke as he walked into the living room. Echo pushed the sheet that was on top of her back and nodded, "Okay."

Luke paused before kneeling down beside Echo, who was on the couch; "Really, what I said was the truth. You're welcome to stay here as long as you need."

Echo nodded, "I know. Thanks, Luke."

Luke stood with a sigh, "All right. Bye, kiddo." Luke ruffled Echo's black hair and gave a chuckle when she went to push his hand off of her. Echo waited until the front door was closed before she let out a sigh. She pulled the sheet up to her chin and curled up on the couch. Echo had sought refuge in Luke's apartment after the ordeal at Magnus'. Echo expressed that she was emotionally fragile when it came to Clary and Luke understood. Luke was the only person in her childhood that actually cared about her and she loved him for that.

Echo could still feel the residual emotion from remembering her past from the night before. She looked at the clock on the wall and it was just past eight in the morning. Max's Rune Ceremony was about to start. Echo knew that Alec wanted her there, but she couldn't be in the Institute at the moment. She was honestly afraid that seeing Clary would set her off.

Echo pulled in a breath and let it out slowly as she let her eyes close. The Shadowdemon hadn't slept for a single minute since she stood on Luke's doorstep with a tear-streaked face. The fatherly figure had stayed up for the majority of the night while Echo cried. Echo honestly felt bad that she had kept Luke up for as long as she did, but Echo didn't know where else to go. Echo slowly allowed herself to relax. She pushed everything from her mind until there was no thought at all. Echo let out a satisfying breath and let it out with a smile, but her bliss didn't last long.

A knock sounded on the front door, which in turn caused Echo to let out a strained breath. The knock sounded again. Echo reluctantly pushed herself from the warmth of the couch dressed in a pair of leftover pajamas and pulled open the wood. Behind the door stood a Shadowhunter with black hair and blue-green eyes. There wasn't a 'hello' exchanged.

"Last I checked this isn't the Institute." Alec had his hands behind his back.

Echo was confused for a moment until she remembered that she said she would see Alec at the Institute. Echo shook her head and let out a tired breath, "Why are you here?"

Alec noticed the exhaustion, "I tracked you. I needed to make sure you were okay."

Echo leaned against the door, "I texted you."

Alec pulled his phone from his pocket to make a point; "I saw." Alec saw the red underneath Echo's eyes. Red from tears.

"Did you sleep?"

Echo wanted to lie but she knew she couldn't, "No."

Alec glanced behind Echo, "Can I come in?"

Echo let out a breath, "Yeah." She pushed the door open as she retreated back to the couch. Alec gently closed the door as Echo got back underneath the sheet. Alec awkwardly walked into the living room and Echo noticed his hesitation.

"The room isn't going to bite you. You can sit down." Echo laid her head on the pillow as Alec carefully picked a chair. Echo pulled a hand up to her aching head.

"How much did you drink last night?" Echo narrowed her eyes at the odd question.

"I don't know. Two-three glasses. I can't remember. I kind of blocked last night out."

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