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Echo dropped the stone from her hand and let out a gasp. She just received the truth and she knew that the memory wasn't over. She didn't think she could finish watching. She knew what happens. There is a product of that night. Echo knew that she could trust Echoette with the truth and this was it. Azazel created an illusion. Azazel made Echo think that she was caring a hell baby, but she could feel the truth. Echo pulled in a breath and let it out slowly. She knew that she needed to show Alec the stone and she knew that he had just returned from his mission with Magnus.

Echo wrapped a jacket around her body and shoved the stone in her pocket before she hurried out of her room. For some reason, Echo couldn't keep the smile from her face. She knew the truth and she was so happy about it. Echo hurried into Operations, where she saw Alec, Isabelle and Magnus hovering around the area. Echo's smile grew when she saw Alec, but that smile hardly lasted a moment. Alec pulled in a sharp gasp and doubled over onto the table.

Echo's expression turned to worry and she hurried up to her husband, "Alec?"

Echo put a hand on his back as Isabelle and Magnus came up to them. Alec let out shallow gasps as he pulled up his shirt to reveal a burning Parabati rune. The rune glowed bright red. Echo placed her hand on the rune and looked up at Isabelle.

"His Parabati rune."

Alec pulled in a breath, "It's..." Echo saw the memories that Alec was reliving. "Jace." Alec let out a painful gasp and lost his grasp on the table.

Echo tried to catch him, but she wasn't strong enough. They both fell to the ground as Alec shouted in pain and sadness. Magnus dropped to his knees and helped Echo catch Alec. Alec was half on Echo and half on Magnus as he shouted in pain. Echo could feel how much pain he was in and let her own tears fall.

"Alec!" She gripped his hand and he gripped it back with shaking strength.

Alec's shouts quickly turned to gasping breaths and he leaned forward into Echo. He lifted up his shirt and both of them saw the Parabati rune fade away into his skin. Echo felt her heart sink as Alec looked up at her.

"I...I can't feel him." He let out a gasp, "He's dead."

Echo felt the sorrow around her and it was overwhelming. She knew that Alec wanted to cry, but he couldn't bring himself to.

Alec held onto Echo's arm and she pushed her hand through his hair. Echo looked up at Isabelle and Magnus. She could feel every emotion, but she knew she couldn't break now.

Echo looked down at Alec, "We need to go. We need to go find them." Echo's voice was wavering. "We need to stop Valentine."

Alec pulled in a breath to recollect himself, "Okay."

Magnus and Echo helped pull Alec to standing. They all readjusted themselves physically and emotionally.

Echo let out a breath, "I don't know where Lake Lyn is. I can't get us there."

Magnus shook his head, "Not to worry." The Warlock snapped his fingers and created a portal in the middle of the Institute. He held out his hand to Alec, "After you."

Alec gripped Echo's hand and walked through the portal with Isabelle and Magnus behind him.

Walking through the portal felt similar to teleporting, but it felt slower. Echo felt a lag as she walked through the portal and into Alicante. The moment that they settled into the foreign land, they saw a glowing light in the sky above them.

Isabelle shook her head, "We're too late."

Magnus looked up in awe at the sky, "He's raised the Angel."

Alec's eyes went wide, "Magnus, take Echo and get to safety."

Echo pulled her hand from Alec's, "We need to find Jace and Clary."

Echo felt her body push forward in a run with Alec shouting her name. Echo didn't know where she was going, but she knew she needed to get to Valentine before he annihilated the Downworld. Echo was only a few yards away from the lake when the sky above her went dark. The golden flare was gone and Alicante was consumed in darkness. Echo's body froze. She expected to receive some kind of pain, but nothing happened.


Alec pushed through the branches and found Echo standing in the middle of the bushes. Alec came up and grabbed Echo's hand, "Don't do that!"

"The Angel's gone. What happened?"

Magnus and Isabelle came up behind them as Magnus spoke, "We have to keep moving."

Alec didn't waste a breath before he continued down the winding pathway.

As they got closer to the lake, the more Echo shivered. She wasn't exactly dressed for mid-Autumn. Echo followed close behind Alec and when they pushed through the trees to the side of the lake, the first thing Echo noticed was a dead body on the ground. Echo's breath cut short, but when she realized that the body was Valentine, she let out her breath of relief. Echo looked down at Valentine's dead body until Alec interrupted her.

"They're okay!"

Echo looked up and saw Clary and Jace wound tight in each other's arms. Isabelle let out a smile.

"Actually, they're more than okay."

Jace and Clary clumsily stood up as Alec took a step forward, "Jace I...I thought you were dead." There was a tense silence, "Our rune...It disappeared."

Jace kept his eyes directly on Alec's confused ones, "Look at it now."

Alec swallowed before he pulled up his shirt. There, clearly marked on his skin, was the Parabati rune.

Alec looked up at Jace, "How?"

Jace suddenly seemed awkward, "I don't know."

Alec was still clearly confused. He looked behind him to Valentine's body. Echo slowly looked down at her father and couldn't help but feel relieved that the monster was out of her life.

Echo let out a breath, "It's over."

Alec let out a breath before he and Jace enveloped in a much-needed hug. Echo kept her eyes on her father as she put her hands around her stomach.

"It's over." Echo looked down, "I'm sorry. I am so sorry."

Echo walked over to the edge of the lake and looked down into the water. Even though it was dark, Echo could still see her reflection clearly.

Her red eyes glowed and her dark hair shined. Echo bent down and touched the water with her fingers. She warped her reflection, but when the water settled she wasn't looking at her reflection, but rather her twin's. She pulled in a gasp and quickly stood to look behind her. She was alone by the water and when she looked out into the Lake, she saw a blond figure in front of her. The figure gave a smile with wide eyes. Sister. 

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