My Princess

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Now that Echo knew what had happened to her, she suddenly remembered everything that happened that night. The image in her mind looked a hell of a lot like Alec, but the more Echo focused the more she could see the illusion of Azazel. She could see how he manipulated her head into thinking that it was Alec over her instead of the Prince himself. Echo wanted so badly to rid herself of the images of Azazel above her, but they were now burned into her skull.

"Echo? Echo, hey."

Echo had paused her mindless walking when a hand on her bicep stopped her in the middle of the hallway. The Shadowdemon looked up at the dark-haired Shadowhunter.

"Hey, can we talk?"

Echo shook her head and pulled from Alec's grip, "There's nothing to talk about."

Echo could feel Alec slight anger, "Nothing to talk about? Really? You interrupted my meeting with the Downworlders to tell me that you are...pregnant." Alec said the last word as quietly as possible as he took a step towards her.

Echo pulled in a breath, "Yeah I did, and I'm sorry."

Echo went to walk away but Alec pulled at her arm again, "Did your memories return?"

Echo thought about the image of Azazel, emotionless and placid, above her, "No."

Alec ran his hand through his hair; Echo now noticed that the Shadowhunter was still dressed in his suit from the meeting. Echo shook her head; it had felt like days since she realized that her child wasn't Alec's.

"Just let me clear my head and get some more understanding, okay? Then we can talk."

Alec let out a sigh and nodded his head, "Yeah, take your time. Just let me know when you are ready."

Echo nodded, "Yeah."

Alec gave Echo a kiss on her forehead before he turned on his heel and sauntered down the hallway. Echo too let out a sigh before she closed her eyes for a moment. The moment that she closed her eyes was the moment that she could suddenly hear the smallest thought. She shot her eyes open and looked down at her still flat stomach with awe. Echo tilted her ear downward and listened, but her head wasn't filled with thoughts, it was filled with notes.

Echo cringed at the notes that wafted through the hallway. The piano notes were familiar, as she had heard them several times when her mother would play it through the stereo in the living room. Although, this was the first time Echo had a painful reaction to the music. The Shadowdemon followed the music until she came across one of the study rooms. Jace sat elegantly at the piano with his fingers flowing across the keys. The closer Echo was to the music, the more uncomfortable she felt. She almost felt as if something was pulling at her shoulders telling her to back away.

"My mother used to play that song."

Jace stopped his keying and looked up at Echo. He could see the tension in her shoulders; "I bet it has a different effect on you now."

Echo took that as an invitation into the room, "It is not my favourite anymore." Echo hovered over the chair that was across the room from the piano before she jolted into the seat.

Jace watched Echo's movements and wanted so badly to ask his question, although he already knew Echo had heard the question.

"Do you remember the little girl that we saw in Central Park? Echo?"

Jace was confused by the question but nodded, "Yeah."

"Little brat has been around. She says she lives in the City of Dark."

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