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Echo let out a sigh as she pushed away from the table and walked into the less noisy hallway. Echo walked down the corridor until she reached her room. She pushed open the door and let out a startled breath when she saw her room wasn't vacant. Echo quickly closed the door and Echoette turned to face her.

"Look who had a growth spurt."

Echoette let out a smirk, "Just turned eighteen."

Echo swallowed, "Congrats. Now you can go to jail if you do anything illegal."

Echoette shorted, "I've always loved your cynical humor. How are you?"

"Huh, look at you being all selfless. You were never one for small talk."

Echoette shrugged, "What can I say. I've come into a bit of wisdom."

Echo folded her arms, "Okay, so spill."

Echoette adjusted the braid on her shoulder, "Last I was here, I told you that you had two months before your baby was due."

Echo nodded, "Yeah, and?"

"You have less."

Echo's stomach dropped and her vision suddenly shifted, "What?"

"You may not grow in size any longer because your baby is at full term and is due at any day."

Echo could feel her stomach start to clench, "How in the hell is this happening?"

Echoette put her hands behind her back, "I have told you how."

Echo placed her hand on the dresser to steady herself, "I've been pregnant for all of a month and a half and you are telling me that I am due?"

"My offer still stands."

Echo looked up at the teenager, "What offer?"

Echoette cleared her throat, "I can rid of the child."

Echo wanted to immediately respond with a "Hell no." But she could feel the hesitation in her mind. But as soon as she thought it, she shook her head.

"No. My answer is no."

Echoette shrugged, "Would you like to know what it is?"

Echo's nervousness spiked, "You know what it is?"

Echoette nodded, "I do and it is not what you think. Would you like to know?"

Echo quickly nodded, "Yes."

"Your child is a Shadowhunter. Half human half angel. She has no demonic impurities."

Echo felt as if she wanted to cry, "Are you sure?"

Echoette nodded, "Azazel lies. He has manipulated your mind into thinking that this child is his. However, I have the real events here in my hand."

Echoette held out her hand and a glowing Witchlight Rune stone sat in the palm of her hand. "I understand that your city is being attacked and you are under some amount of pressure to keep the Shadow World safe."

Echo walked up to the teen, "This has the real events of what happened?"

Echoette nodded, "Yes. There are no lies when it comes to the events that are placed in this stone."

Echo slowly reached out and took the stone.

"Place a Recall rune upon the stone and it will show you the truth."

Echo swallowed, "Thank you."

Echoette bowed her head, "It is my pleasure."

Echo watched the field of red slowly dissipate as Echoette vanished. Echo glanced at her bedroom door. She knew that she shouldn't be selfish at this moment, but she also knew she needed the truth.

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