At Peace

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The moment that Alec was back in the Institute, courtesy of Magnus, he had one task.

"Alec, I'm sure this can wait."

As quickly as he could, Alec walked through Operations with Magnus by his side, "No, I heard her Magnus."

Magnus let out a breath, "She's gone, Alec. I watched her go. She is at peace now."

Alec gave a grunt, "I just..." Alec paused his stride halfway down the concrete steps, "I need to see her. One last time."

Magnus gave a strained smile before he nodded his head. The Warlock helped Alec down the rest of the steps and to the Institute Morgue. When they both entered the room, they went silent; respect for the dead.

Magnus went up to Echo's drawer and placed his hand on the handle; he looked up at Alec; "I can leave if you want me too."

Alec shook his head as he leaned on the table, "No, I want you here."

Magnus took a silent breath before he opened the door and started to pull out the drawer, but to their surprise, the drawer was empty.

Alec's eyes went wide, "What? Where is she?"

Magnus kept calm, "Perhaps, they moved her. To prepare for the funeral." Magnus slowly closed the drawer. He turned to Alec, "Alec, she wanted me to tell you something."

Alec looked up at Magnus with expecting eyes, "She loved you. She loved you so much."

Alec looked down at his warped reflection in the metal of the table, "I loved her too. She was my family."

Magnus placed a hand on his shoulder, "And now she is in peace. She will forever be remembered."

Magnus pulled Alec into his arms in a genuine hug, but the moment didn't last long. A startled gasp sounded behind them before they heard a whimper. Magnus was the first to see her, but he wasn't sure if it was real. Alec pulled away from Magnus and slowly turned around himself, but his action froze. There on the floor was Echo in her fully and corporeal form.

Alec pulled in a breath; "Echo?"

Echo looked up at Alec and he noticed how frail she looked. Echo let out a breath as well as a whimper of pain. Alec's shock of seeing her broke and he went into action. The Shadowhunter quickly knelt down to her and picked her up into his arms whilst shouting at Magnus to get Isabelle.

As Alec picked Echo up, she gave a cry of pain, "Oh my god. Oh my god. Echo? Hey, look at me. Alec placed Echo on the metal table and tried to get her to look at him. Echo opened her eyes and saw that Alec could see her.

She let out a cry, "Alec."

Alec brushed Echo's matted hair from her pale face, "Just hang on, Izzy's coming."

Echo pulled in a breath and cringed in pain, "It hurts."

Alec noticed that Echo was favoring her left side, where her wound still resided, "Oh my god. Iz! Izzy!" Alec shouted at his sister, hoping she could hear him.

"Hang on, Ec. Izzy!"

Isabelle hurried around the corner and pulled in a gasp when she saw what Magnus was saying was true.

"Oh, god. Echo?" Isabelle came up to Echo's side.

"It's her wound, Iz. It's still there." Isabelle was suddenly on high alert and her brain was moving a mile a minute.

"Uh, okay. Okay, I need some things from the library, uh, Rose Oil, a-and oak ash, and your blood."

Magnus quickly let out a breath, I'll get the oil and ash." The Warlock left the room and Isabelle prepared a needle to get Alec's blood.

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