Saved by the Telepath

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Echo! Echo can you hear me? Echo shot her head up from the ground with alert. Echo, please! It's me, Magnus. Valentine and I switched bodies. Azazel put a curse on us. Please! Hurry!"

Echo let out a shocked breath and her body was immediately in motion. She pushed up off of the chair in her room and in the next moment her feet landed her inside of the vault where Valentine, Alec, and the Inquisitor were stationed.

All three Shadowhunter looked up at Echo's wild demeanor. The Inquisitor was the only one that was completely shocked, "Echo, what—"

"That's not Valentine."

The Inquisitor shook her head, "What are you talking about?"

"You've taken my light..." The sound of Magnus' voice came to their ears and they all slowly turned to see a projection of Magnus and Jace, with the Shadowhunter chained by shackles. "Your darkness will come."

From beside Echo, The Inquisitor fully turned her body to the projection, "What did you just say?"

Magnus' voice had a darker tone than usual, "I'm repeating your words back to you."

Alec quickly took the fabric off of Valentine's cheeks as the Inquisitor walked out of the cell to face the cursed Warlock.

"You remember the fire message you sent to me the night Stephen died. The good news is, in exchange for my freedom, you can save your pure angel-blooded warrior."

Echo looked out to the conversation as the Inquisitor spoke, "I don't make deals with the devil."

Jace gave Magnus a side-glance, "You chose the wrong bait. For all she cares, you could slaughter me right now."

The Warlock looked right at the Inquisitor, "I don't think so. Imogen wouldn't dare slaughter her grandson."

Echo pulled in a slight breath as she heard Valentine's words. Although, this had been the third time Valentine had gotten in between family.

Jace shook his head and spoke what Echo was thinking, "After all your lies, you expect me to believe I'm a Herondale?"

Valentine directed his words to Jace, "Stephen Herondale was your father, and his wife Céline was your mother." The Warlock turned his attention to the Inquisitor, "You ever think about poor Céline?" Valentine continued to antagonize Imogen, "Nine months pregnant when she took her own life. Her dead body ravaged by werewolves. Her unborn son eaten alive. Or was he?"

Echo glanced up at Alec and the Shadowhunter was just as shocked as she was.

Imogen gently shook her head, "You didn't."

Valentine loved torturing the woman, "The Clave took so much from me. So I took something in return. But I'm sure you want further proof." The Warlock held up his fingers and pinched in between them was a silver ring.

Imogen let out a sigh, "My family ring. Where did you get that?"

"By Céline's very hands. You have one hour to meet my demands, or your grandson dies."

Magnus and Jace warped through the area around them and quickly vanished in a small electrical crackle. Echo turned her body to look at Valentine who was really Magnus before she looked up at Alec to answer his unspoken question.

"They were never really here. I can't get a read on them."

Imogen walked back into the cell and started to unfasten the restraints on the chair as Alec spoke, "I'll get a team."

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