Dominic Phantomhive (Ciel's Older Brother)(Black Butler/Yaoi fanfic) by DarkPainStorm
Dominic Phantomhive (Ciel's Dark-Pain-Storm
Ciel's Older Brother is found and brought back home. What will his brother be like? What will Ciel do? And most of all, how will the demon butler think of the mysterious...
  • blackbutler
  • cielphantomhive
  • yaoi
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Shapeshifter (Sebastian X Reader) by TakeMeToTheAsylum
Shapeshifter (Sebastian X Reader)by Kat
You are a Shapeshifter, just recently fired from your job. Now looking for another, you paced the streets, only to bump into a romance with a demon of all things! The ch...
  • shapeshifter
  • blackbutler
  • sebastian
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BB Male x Reader{lemons} by DirtyMindedFreakArmy
BB Male x Reader{lemons}by Helpless
*Requests Are Open!* Every male in the series of Black Butler would be put in a lemon with the reader. Now if your a boy reading this, it could be a Yaoi book as well o...
  • baldroy
  • ash
  • vincent
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Only You [Sebastian Stan] by rogerthatbarnes
Only You [Sebastian Stan]by rogerthatbarnes
Completed. "Is this seat taken?" Who knew four little words would change my life forever? I certainly didn't. I'd also never believed in love at first sigh...
  • avengers
  • fanfiction
  • steverogers
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Black Butler X Reader One Shots by lavitaffy
Black Butler X Reader One Shotsby ♡ ♡ ♡
Black butler one shots!! I obviously don't own kuroshitsuji Currently editing and updating ^^ Enjoy ♡
  • william
  • ronald
  • grellxreader
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Ciel x Vampire! Reader by Empress_Sammy
Ciel x Vampire! Readerby Solangelo ★
❝Can you love someone that is already dead?❞ (Ongoing)
  • anime
  • charlesphipps
  • demons
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jones ⇝ [s.stan] by katyqueenx
jones ⇝ [s.stan]by katyqueenx
⤛ in which she sees through him from the first day. ⤜ ☼ sebastian stan fanfic ☼ social media ☼ real life ☼ [2016 - present day ]
  • sebastian
  • chrishemsworth
  • sebastianstan
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The Book of Black Butler Oneshots by PainfullyAlex
The Book of Black Butler Oneshotsby ᴀʟᴇx ᴄᴀʀᴅᴇɴ
Welcome!!! One shots for All!!! Here we got Character x Reader. We got Character x Character. And a bunch of random Fanfic!!! I take request! So yeah! (Requests are reop...
  • blackbutleroneshots
  • claude
  • ciel
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This is a CATastrophy! (Black Butler x Reader) by SlytherinGurl66
This is a CATastrophy! (Black SlytherinGirl
When you find a box of kittens on the sidewalk, you decide to take them in. When you do, your life become much more interesting in good, bad, and romantic ways...
  • grell
  • kittens
  • wattpride
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Endless Love → Sebastian Stan by primuskat
Endless Love → Sebastian Stanby ˗ˏˋ dess ˎˊ˗
❝It keeps me up at night; was there a time I lived without you? Just living off your air; every breath is all about you.❞ . . .in which their love for one another is end...
  • captainamerica
  • chrisevans
  • rdj
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Right My Wrongs by khybabyy
Right My Wrongsby Khymack
Sequel to Sebastian!! They are back they are better!!! Nyla and Sebastian are back with the craziness. Only this time there's a new edition to. Let's see what happens...
  • babydaddy
  • mafia
  • sequel
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The Queen's Nightingale (Black Butler Fanfic) by SkylarJonesx3
The Queen's Nightingale (Black Skylar Jones
This is a story about you. You are the queen's nightingale. You lure people in with your beautiful melody and then eliminate them. You own the highest fashion clothing s...
  • blackbutler
  • cielxreader
  • bookofcircus
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Together, in Life. Together, in Death. • Book One • by A-Ball-Of-Sunshine
Together, in Life. Together, in The Sunshine Author
« UNDER EDITING » They were always together through the good and the bad. They had both made a contract with the same demon, Sebastian Michaelis, on that horrible day. ...
  • anime
  • wattys2018
  • blackbutler
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Alycia||Sebastian S. IG by DaisyLeVieRose
Alycia||Sebastian S. IGby Reyna
A story in which the biggest dork on the planet aka Sebastian Stan, falls in love with the cutest waffle on the universe. [ Chapter 50 is the end of the first book, from...
  • sebastian
  • lexa
  • sebastianstan
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Daddy by Savy_Alpha_Lover
Daddyby Savannah
As I fidgeted with my stuffie I glanced up at Daddy. Boy, was he angry. "What's this?" He said, pointing to the wall. I pouted my lip and shrugged. All I d...
  • agegap
  • romance
  • littlespace
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Dimension Traveling (Black Butler x reader) by ReverseThePolarity
Dimension Traveling (Black daddy
Book One in the Dimension™ Series Young, brilliant, smart, and with a dash of sassy and sarcasm, you were the ideal girl that captured the hearts of the black butler me...
  • sebastianmichaelis
  • aloisxreader
  • cielxreader
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youth → sebastian stan [1] by starkwalker
youth → sebastian stan [1]by jos
in which an actress falls for someone else on set that isn't her actual on screen love interest and sets the internet on fire. WINNER OF MARVEL FANFIC AWARDS 2016 FOR ...
  • tws
  • rey
  • wars
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coincidence | sebastian moy  by hyeoka
coincidence | sebastian moy by jenny 💫
Sebastian is a popular boy in school. He has blown up on social media causing him to be followed and chased around school. One day trying to escape the chaos he bumps in...
  • oliver
  • sebastianmoy
  • sebastian
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My Naughty Boy by Sakaki_Mari
My Naughty Boyby Sakaki_Mari
xxxRated SPGxxx ***For 18+ only*** My name is Isabella Ava Hobel, I met a guy and his name is Sebastian Adams. My life changed after I met him, and guess what, "I l...
  • romance
  • mature
  • tagalog-english
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The Demon That Loves (Sebastian Michaelis x Reader) by Forever_Unity
The Demon That Loves (Sebastian Your Senpai
(Y/N), a mere human came across the cunning demon Sebastian Michaelis. Sebastian has taken quite an interest to (Y/N) but will a demon and a human ever be together? DISC...
  • completed
  • wattys2017
  • romance
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