Welcome to the Family

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"Hey, Echo. You with us?"

Echo shook her head at hearing her name and looked up at Alec. Alec looked concerned, but she nodded, "Yeah, what's up?"

Alec visibly swallowed, "We're moving Valentine to Idris."

Echo grit her teeth slightly, "Why?"

Alec exchanged a glance with Jace and Isabelle, "Because that is the best solution in restoring relations with the Downworld."

Echo tilted her head slightly, "Is that so?"

"Echo, why don't you join me?"

Echo looked up at Sebastian, "For what?"

"Finding out who orchestrated the hit on Valentine's assassination."

Echo held Sebastian's eyes for a moment, "Fine." Without another word to her family, she rounded the table and followed closed beside Sebastian.

"What? Are you going to stall for an hour and a half and come up with some bullshit story to tell Alec?"

Sebastian gave a mischievous smirk, "Perhaps."

Echo rolled her eyes but then the tension between them thickened.

"Are you going to tell me what happened last night?"

Echo furrowed her brows at the Shadowhunter, "What?"

Sebastian glanced down at his sister, "I found you almost hypothermic on the sidewalk last night."

Again, Echo was confused, "You did?"

Sebastian paused his footing, "Do you not remember?"

Echo glanced down at the carpet at her feet trying desperately to remember what had happened after she had talked with Jace.

Echo shook her head, "It's all black." Then she saw a face. "That Bastard!" Her shout was a whisper. She looked up, "It was Azazel. I remember him vaguely last night, but everything that happened between us is gone." Echo shook her head, "This is becoming exhausting."

Sebastian started his steps again, "Maybe you should consider telling your Husband?"

Echo let out a scoff, "He wouldn't understand. He would stop everything and try to figure me out, and I don't know if I can handle that much attention."

As the twins walked, Sebastian made a slight of hand as he pulled a tablet from the table near them and started to tap at it. Suddenly Echo felt the need to let out a bit of truth.

"You know when I first met you, I had this feeling like I should have hated you."

Sebastian glanced up from the tablet, "Is that so? The moment we shook hands, I knew who you were."

Echo furrowed her brows, "Really?"

Sebastian nodded, "You gave me a memory that you didn't know we shared. It was the memory of us when we were taking that picture in the Lily field."

Echo gave a small smile, "I have that picture. My..." Echo paused as she corrected herself, "Our mother kept it for years before I found it in one of her scrapbooks when I was little. I felt a connection to it so I hid it from her. I have it here in my room."

Sebastian gave a genuine smile as he remembered, "I would love to see it."

Echo let out a genuine smile and led the way to her room. When she opened her door, she felt as if it was slightly unfamiliar to her, but she proceeded to the dresser.

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