Sebastian Verlac

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Echo was again hovering over the table with Shadowhunters all around her. She was sitting on the table next to the hologram swinging her legs to give off the impression that she was there against her will. Alec was in the middle of his sentence when he looked up at Echo and let out a sigh, "Can you take this seriously for one minute?"

Echo rolled her eyes, "What? So you can catch Azazel? He isn't as bad as you think."

This time Alec let out a sigh, "Just because you had some connection with him doesn't mean he isn't bad. Echo, please, can you just pretend to be interested?"

Echo pulled at her ponytail but didn't answer her husband. Alec gave up on his wife and turned back to the mission at hand, "Okay, Azazel's attacks go as far south as the meat-packing district. And then the trail goes cold."

"It's no use just tracking the dead bodies. With his ability to dematerialize, he could be anywhere."

Echo suddenly felt a slight chill run down her spine but when Isabelle's voice sounded she didn't turn around.
"Maybe we can help."

"Izzy! We've been so worried about you." Echo rolled her eyes at Clary's voice. "Where have you been?"

There was a moment of silence before Isabelle spoke, "Looking for Azazel. Um, this is Sebastian Verlac, from the London Institute. When the demon came after me, Sebastian saved my life."

"Oh, I simply lent a hand." The moment that Sebastian spoke, Echo's eyes glanced up from the floor.

"Sebastian's an expert on all things Azazel."

"When I studied abroad at the Paris Institute, I specialized in Greater Demons." Sebastian's accent was alluring.

"Thanks for saving my sister." From Echo's peripheral vision, Alec extended his hand to Sebastian, "I'm Alec."
"Hey. Yeah, thank you. I'm Jace.

"Ah, the great warrior in the flesh. Your reputation precedes you." There was a moment of silence, "As does yours. You must be Clary. Valentine's daughter."

"Yeah, don't hold it against me."

"Well, we don't choose our parents."

Echo suddenly felt an elbow in her ribcage and she looked over at Alec with narrow eyes. Alec held onto Echo's gaze until she let out a huff and jumped off of the table. She whipped her body around and the moment she landed eyes on Sebastian, her body changed. Echo had to let out a forceful breath and she had a struggle breathing for a moment.

"Sebastian, this is Echo." Isabelle introduced the two.

Echo's eyes had gone wide as she stared at the Shadowhunter. She pulled in a shaking breath before Sebastian broke the silence.

"Ah, yes. Valentine's oldest daughter."

Sebastian held out his hand and Echo was hesitant to take it. The moment that their hands touched, they both let in a very minute breath before locking eyes again. The handshake had suddenly gotten uncomfortable as both of them tightened their grip on each other. It was Echo who pulled away with robotic features. The two kept each other's eyes until Jace spoke.

"So tell us about Azazel. How do we take him down?"

Sebastian broke Echo's eye contact and as he did Echo felt like she could breathe again. Echo regained her breath as Sebastian spoke.
"The only way to banish him is to puncture his demonic core. In corporeal form, it's between the T8 and T9 vertebrae, but it's not that simple. The core is about the size of a pea."

"Oh, so the entry point's right below his sternum?" Sebastian gave a nod at Jace's information. "If I can get close enough, I can kill him."

Sebastian shook his head, "You wouldn't have enough velocity, and even if you did, the defeat's only temporary. The nasty buggers always find a way to break out of their realm and come back."

Echo couldn't keep her eyes off of Sebastian as he talked.

"Thank you for the Intel. We'll take it from here." Alec was directing his order.

"If I can, I'd like to help." Sebastian wasn't expecting Alec's harsh tone.

"We appreciate that, but you don't have clearance to go on missions. Not at this Institute."

Both Isabelle and Echo let out a breath although Echo's was more of a snort.

"Alec, you can't be serious." Isabelle looked up at her brother.

Echo saw how Sebastian looked down at the awkwardness as Jace spoke to Alec.

"Look, Alec. He clearly knows more than us about Azazel. We could use all the help we could get."

Sebastian tried to aid the situation, "Now, as far as tracking is concerned, we should really think about—"

Alec interrupted him, "We have a very capable Warlock for that."

Echo narrowed her eyes at Alec and was suddenly angry again. It was silent for a moment until Alec looked down at Echo.

"Not now." Echo let her eyebrows rise in astonishment. "Echo, seriously."

Alec let out a sigh as he addressed Sebastian, "You do what you want. I'm gonna work with Magnus." Alec pushed away from the group and Isabelle quickly followed. Echo let out a huff before leaning against the table with low eyes.

"Look, Ec. He's just stressed." Echo looked up at Jace. "Of course it isn't your fault."

"Um, might I ask what is going on here?" Sebastian was confused.

Echo turned to face the new Shadowhunter, "I'm telepathic."

Sebastian's eyes widened, "You're what?"

Echo narrowed her eyes at him, "Relax. I've just met you."

Sebastian's posture slowly deflated but didn't quite relax all the way. Echo narrowed her eyes at him before asking the ultimate question.
"Do I know you?"

Sebastian hesitated before he shook his head, "I don't believe you do."

Echo tilted her head, "Huh." Echo kept her eyes on Sebastian for a moment longer than she needed too before she looked up at Jace, "When you find Azazel, tell me."

Echo went to walk away but Jace quickly interjected, "I don't think that's wise."

Echo narrowed her eyes before turning to look at him, "Why?"

Jace glanced at Sebastian before speaking, "Because of what happened before."

Echo licked her lips, "Nothing happened, Jace." Echo spit out the words and she felt a rise in surprise from Sebastian. Echo let out a huff through her nose, "I will go on that mission rather you like it or not."

"Echo," She had turned her back to Jace, "Ec—" Jace couldn't get her name out a second time before she vanished through the air. Jace let out a breath before turning back and seeing the awe on Sebastian's face. Jace looked up at the man, "Welcome to the New York Institute." 

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