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Echo's eyes shot open as her biological clock woke her up. Ever since Echo's eyes had changed, she saw the world in a slight tinge of red. At first she wanted to ask if it was normal, but she new that would be pointless, because she wasn't normal. Echo slowly sat up from her reclined position and looked around her room. There was no direct sunlight shining inside of her room and she figured that it was late afternoon.

As Echo crawled out of bed, she caught her reflection in the mirror across her room. She stopped her movements and looked at her features. Her black hair was as dark as it could be. As the light entered her strands, there was no reflection out. The ash of her skin made the runes that stuck to her pop out with almost 3-D effects. Overall the only colours about the Shadowdemon were her eyes. The opaqueness of the striking red was all Echo could see.

She slowly walked toward her reflection and watched how she moved. Before when she wasn't fully transformed, she moved with human-like features. She bobbed when she would walk and her arms would swing beside her. As Echo moved toward herself, she noticed how fluid her movements were. As she walked, she graced the floor and her arms didn't move as naturally as before. Her movements were quicker. Echo pulled a hand up to her hair and she noticed that other than the quickness of her hand, that there was a small mist of red that followed her movement.

Echo moved her hand down to her side and she watched the mist again. She narrowed her eyes, completely engrossed in her own movements, up until a knock sounded on her door. As she gasped, she noticed that her eyes flashed brighter.

"What?" Echo let that be her greeting.

The person behind the door took that as an invitation and the door slowly opened.

Echo watched as Alec's head skirted around the wood.


Echo let out a sigh and turned her head away from him, "Hi."

Alec swallowed before he fully entered the room and closed the door, "So, about Aldertree."

Echo turned her head back to Alec with narrow eyes as Alec continued; "I think you need to keep your words with him at a minimum. I don't want you to get thrown out."

Echo turned her entire body toward Alec, "And do what? Let him talk to me like I am inferior to everyone here?"

Alec shook his head, "Of course not. But his is the head of the Institute and he has power."

Echo was suddenly angry at the word, "Power? You think Aldertree has power? I am the one who has power, Alec! I am the one who is a Demon and is hated!" Echo's words suddenly shifted to reveal how fragile she actually was.

"I can feel the way that you and Isabelle and Clary fear me. I can feel the guilt of my own mother. I hate what I have become. I hate that I can feel what you are feeling with perfect clarity. This isn't a gift Alec; it's a curse. And I am the one that will pay for it! I can feel the way you are feeling right now."

Echo grit her teeth to keep the sudden tears in her eyes, "You are afraid of me. You are so afraid that I will hurt you. I don't know if I will hurt you! Alec, I am afraid of myself as much as the Shadowhunters are afraid of me." Echo couldn't contain her emotions; she let a tear slip from her eye and she angrily wiped it from her cheek before it could pass her nose.

Alec saw the internal battle that Echo was having. He took a few steps forward and pulled her into his arms and against his chest. Alec cradled her as he spoke with soft words; "No, Echo. You are wrong. You may feel that I am afraid of you, but I know that you would never hurt me. I know that you are strong and powerful and I know that you can feel everything. But what you don't know is how much I love you."

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