Pompous Jackass

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Magnus painted the last stroke of the wedded rune onto his left wrist, the same place as Alec and Echo's. The black ink quickly took to his skin. Isabelle was present through the entire process, "What is this for again? Will it help Alec?"

Magnus wasn't sure if he wanted to tell Isabelle about Echo's figure, "Yes, this should help him."

Magnus set the paintbrush down and looked around the room. Isabelle watched him and thought nothing of his odd behavior. The Warlock suddenly got frustrated at his work and looked down at the painted rune. In his mind, he silently wished for the spell to work. In the middle of his thought, Alec started to mutter his words again. Magnus quickly sat down next to him, "It's okay, Alec. You hear me? We're gonna get you out of here and bring you back."


Magnus looked up at the word just as the door forcefully opened to reveal Aldertree.

"You put in a request to transfer your brother to Idris?" Aldertree's words were rushed and harsh.

Isabelle quickly stood, "My parents put in the request."

Aldertree held up a hand, "Alec isn't leaving this Institute. I'm sure his Warlock friend can figure something out. Here."

Magnus looked up at Aldertree, "This isn't waking Sleeping Beauty with a kiss. Runic power is deep. It requires magic that can't be accessed in the walls of this Institute."

Magnus felt a sudden chill on his shoulder and he quickly looked down. Echo had a hand on his shoulder and a small smile on her face. The spell worked.

Aldertree looked from Isabelle to Magnus, "I don't know what you're up to, and ultimately, I don't care. But as far as I'm concerned, your brother is too weak to be portaled."

Echo shook her head; "Pompous jackass."

Magnus had to try to keep his sudden chuckle inside as Isabelle spoke.

"You're just using Alec as bait to arrest Jace."

Aldertree was quick with his words, "No, I'm working to capture the fugitive who put Alec in this position. I have allowed this Warlock into the Institute for the sole purpose of treating your brother."

Echo wanted so badly to smack her hand across Aldertree's face.

"Although, you don't seem to be doing too good a job of it." Echo pulled in a breath at the insult, "I'm placing Raj by the door. Do not try this again."

Aldertree exited the room while Raj stayed behind for a moment, "I'm just following orders."

Both Isabelle and Echo let out their identical remark, "Shut up, Raj."

The Shadowhunter gave a stressed smile as he backed against the wall. Magnus returned to Alec's side and used his magic to try and bring him back. Echo heard the stressed sigh.

"Magnus let me help you. You're burning out." Echo flashed to Alec's side and placed her hands on his chest. Alec was in deep, but she knew she could bring him out.

Magnus lifted his magic and let Echo take over, "The plus side of being dead is I don't get tired. Really, Magnus, you need to rest."

Isabelle came over to Magnus' side with low words, "I'll figure something out." She quickly left the room, leaving Magnus alone with Raj. Magnus was suddenly frustrated because he couldn't speak to Echo; she could only speak to him.

Magnus shook his head and started his magic again. The Warlock was quickly losing power and Echo could feel it.

From beneath Echo's hands, she felt Alec stir, "Alec?"

The moment that Echo said his name, he became still. Both Echo and Magnus got frustrated. Magnus could physically cause damage, but Echo couldn't touch anything other than flesh. Magnus took in a sharp breath and as he let it out he flicked his arm around himself and let the trinkets on Alec's nightstand fly into the wall.

"Magnus, breath."

But Echo's words were counterproductive to Raj's, "You know you're gonna have to clean that up."

Echo tilted her head before she was suddenly next to the Shadowhunter in a mist of red. Magnus gave a slight shake of his head as he turned around, but Raj decided to add fuel to the fire, "I feel you, man, but I have direct orders. If you can't help him, then you need to go."

Magnus looked angrily at the Shadowhunter, "My magic is the only thing keeping Alec from completely slipping away. I won't leave."

"I know you're old," Raj just kept talking, "but I didn't realize you were hard of hearing. He's clearly not waking up anytime soon, so you can leave now, or I can remove you myself."

Raj's smug expression disappeared when Magnus let out a rope of orange that tied itself around Raj's neck. Raj gasped for air as Echo took a step forward, but she wasn't angry with Magnus.

"I'm sorry. I don't like being rushed." Magnus used his anger and his magic to push the Shadowhunter back. Echo disappeared from the pathway to the wall and reappeared next to Magnus who was angry.

Isabelle pushed open the door after Raj had hit the wall.

"Magnus, stop." Isabelle stopped the Warlock from advancing on the Shadowhunter, "We need to get Alec out of here, but this isn't helping."

Magnus looked down at the Shadowhunter with sudden realization. Magnus turned around, "Echo."

Isabelle was confused, "Echo?"

Magnus ignored Isabelle as he went up to Echo, "Can you teleport him to my loft?"

Echo was suddenly frazzled, "I-I haven't teleported with somebody since I've fully transformed. I don't know."

Magnus was quick with his words, "But you can try."

"Magnus, who are you talking to?" Isabelle came up to his side.

Magnus looked down at Isabelle, "Echo. I can see her."

Isabelle's eyes went wide, "She's here?"

Magnus nodded, "Her spiritual form is." Magnus turned back to Echo, "Can you try?"

Echo glanced down at Alec, "Yeah, I can. But I don't know if it works the same way when I am in this form."

Magnus shook his head, "It should be the same. As long as you keep in contact with him the entire time."

Isabelle couldn't hear the entire conversation, "How long has she been here, Magnus?"

Magnus looked over at Isabelle, "She's been the one to keep Alec where he is now. Without her, my magic wouldn't have been enough."

Echo swallowed her nervousness, "What if I can't?"

Magnus took a step forward, "You can. You are so much more powerful than you know."

Echo let out a breath and walked up to Alec and placed her hand in his, "I'll meet you at the loft." Echo placed her other hand on Alec's arm and closed her eyes. Magnus watched as Echo and Alec disappeared from the room in a mist of red, but Isabelle only saw Alec vanish.

Isabelle let out a breath and a smile, "She really was here."

Magnus turned to her, "She is stuck in purgatory because of her link to Alec. Her soul has bonded to his." Magnus was suddenly rushed, "Isabelle, I need to go now."

Isabelle quickly nodded her head, "Yeah, go. I know what to do."

Magnus gave the girl a small smile before he portaled out of the bedroom and into his loft. 

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