Mental Truth

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Echo watched the black-haired, blue-eyed girl giggle as Alec spun her around.

"Daddy, faster!"

Alec let out a laugh and twirled the girl to a halt, "If I go any faster then I'm going to fall over."

The girl laughed and climbed up onto Alec's back, "Can we go to the river? Please? Please? Please?"

Alec smiled, "Only if it is okay with mommy."

"Momma! Can we go to the river? I'll be good this time."

Echo smiled and stood up from the blanket she was on, "It's almost sunset, but we can go for a while."

The little girl beamed, "Yay! Can we go in the red?"

Echo walked up to her daughter and took her into her arms, "Only because you asked so nicely."

"Yes, yes, yes! Daddy, hold on!"

Echo held onto her daughter tightly, "One...two...three!"

Echo teleported her little family onto the sand next to the river. She set the girl down on the ground and she was quick to jump into the water. Alec wrapped an arm around his wife and kissed her temple.

"You are an amazing mother."

Echo smiled up at Alec, "I love to see you with her. You make her smile."

"I love her and I love you. You both are my light."

"Mommy! Come play with me!"

Echo gave a small laugh, "Okay, but you asked for it!" Echo ran into the water and pulled the girl into the air. The little one giggled as she splashed back down into the water. Echo sprinkled sand onto the girl's hair and she shook her locks.

Alec gave a laugh, "Echo." He tried to get his wife's attention.



"Echo. Echo can you hear me?"

Echo opened her eyes and saw Alec standing in front of her with a worried look on his face. Echo saw the wild look in his eyes and just now noticed that she was on the ground in the hallway. Echo quickly pushed herself up to standing but Alec still hadn't calmed down.

"Damn it, don't do that."

Echo furrowed her eyes, "What's wrong?"

Alec let out a stressed breath before his eyes turned down, "It's Max. Jonathan attacked him."

Echo's stomach dropped and her heart sped up, "What? Where is he? Max?"

"In the infirmary. They said they can't do much in his condition."

Echo shook her head and started walking with Alec beside her, "What condition? What did Jonathan do?"

Alec shook his head, "He's unconscious and an Iratze won't work. The doctors are doing everything they can."

Echo shook her head, about to curse Jonathan's name, but Alec paused his footing by taking hold of Echo's arm.

"What happened?"

Echo was confused, "What?"

"You went out to talk to Sebastian and when you didn't come to see Max I was worried and I found you on the ground."

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