Chapter 21

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The piercing sound of my phone caused me to wake up. I stretched my arms to grabbed my phone. I opened my one eye. It's my stupid alarm clock. I turned it off. I sat down. I'm still sleepy. I don't usually use my phone. I only use it as an alarm clock and I'll leave it here. Yup, I don't bring it in school. Well sometimes I bring it. I went outside my room and cooked our breakfast. I cooked bacon, ham and pancakes. I sat down and started to eat breakfast. After that I wash my plates and clean myself up. I put on my uniform and grabbed my bag. Before I leave, I entered Jinwoo's room. He's still asleep. I approached him. I washed away the strands of his hair that is covering his face. His hair is getting long. I think we should go see a barber. I kissed his forehead before leaving the house. I took a bus to get to school. When I arrived, the school was quiet as a ghost. I walked until I arrived at the classroom.

I was about to enter the classroom when I saw Namjoon and a girl. Tears formed fast. I run away. I don't know why I'm acting like this. I-it's normal right? It's normal to see your boyfriend with another girl.

It's normal to see your boyfriend with another girl alone in a room. Right?

I stopped running. I'm in front of a forest. It's the back of the school. I walked inside the forest. I looked around. It's a beautiful forest. The leaves are slowly falling. I catch one. I heard a sound. I looked around.

"Who's there?" I asked.

I saw a guy leaning on a tree. He has his mask and cap on. I know him. He's famous for being cold and silent. Even though he's like that, girls are so crazy over him. Most of his fangirls is Sasaeng. He's also famous for his good looks. Also he's a scholar, just like me.


He removed his mask and cap. "You know me" he said. "Of course" I said. He approached me. Now he's standing in front of me.

"What are you doing here Dara?" He asked. I was surprised. He knows me. "You know me?" I asked.

"I've known you for three years Dara" he said.

"How?" I asked.

"I study here of course. Silly" he said then smiled. Wait.

"You can smile!?" I shouted.

"Of course I can smile" he said then chuckled.

"So back to the question. Why are you here?" He asked.

"I don't know. I'm just running and my foot take me here. How about you?" I said.

"I came here when I have free time" He said. "So this is like your hang out place" I said while roaming around. Suddenly I didn't saw a tree trunk. I lost my balance.

Sehun catched me.

Our face we're inches apart. I feel a presence of a man.


I quickly stand up.

"L-love.. I.. I.." I tried to say something..

"Come to me. Now" he said while offering his hand.

I looked at Sehun. He just nodded. I put my hand on Namjoon's and he quickly pulled me away from Sehun. I was about to look back when Namjoon spoked. 

"Don't look back. That's an order"

I feel bad for Sehun. He didn't do anything but Namjoon's mad at him. I shouldn't have go that forest. Every people we passed by stared at us. Or stared at our hands. I saw Namjoon's jaw clenching. We reached the classroom. The classroom went silent when we entered and all eyes are on us. We sat down.

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