Chapter 2

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"What do you think about those boys?" My friend, Mina asked. I tied my hair as I tried to remember those boys who are new to our class. I'm not surprised anymore that they are the center of attention, I mean yes they got the looks.

"As they introduced theirselves, we can clearly see that they have different personalities. But overall, I think they're really nice. That Jungkook and Taehyung really caught my attention because of their friendly attitude and rest were just.. quiet like the one who is sitting beside me who I believed is Namjoon." 

"Namjoon looks like he's not the type of guy who's quiet. Maybe he's just shy because it's their first time here. For me, I think the really quiet one is Yoongi and the most intimidating one. He looks mad or not in the mood I guess all the time." Mina replied as we head to the gym. We were welcomed by screaming and a big hug.

"So you gonna give Dara a hug and I don't?" Mina asked with her hands on her side. They didn't even glance at her which made me laughed and made her pout. 

"Guys, I know we miss each other a lot but.. We need to practice first okay? We can do anything we want later" I said and they all replied yes.

After 3 hours of training, we're done. Some of my co members we're lying down, gasping for some air. I instructed them to drink water so they won't get dehydrated.  I called them for a important announcement.

Our club received an invitation to perform next Wednesday for the school orientation. The others were shocked because school just started and we already have a performance and we only have a week to make some dance steps. 

I discussed some more information before dismissing them.


In the middle of studying, I suddenly craved for coffee. I looked at the clock and it wasn't that late so I grabbed my coat and put them in. I fixed Taehyung's blanket who is now sleeping and turn of the light before getting out of our room.

When I got down, I saw Jungkook in the living room watching some movie. He noticed my presence and turned his head on my direction.

"Want to go have some coffee?" I asked him but he declined saying he'll be fine. I was about to open the door but I remembered something and looked at Jungkook. He seems kind of interested in Dara but not in a romantic way though. Jungkook always wants to have a noona so I guess he sees something in Dara.

"The cafe that I'm going to.. Dara is working there." 

That made him stand up and hurriedly went to his room to changed his clothes. It didn't take us long until we reached the cafe but when we arrived, Dara is no where to be found.

"I'm sorry guk, I guess she has no work today." I said as I noticed that Jungkook was a bit sad since we got here.

"It's okay hyung! At least I get to spend time with you." He replied as he showed me his bunny smile. After a few minutes, the door opened and my eyes widened as I saw Dara. My gaze followed her and saw her apologizing to a girl which seems to be their manager for being late.

Jungkook didn't seem to notice her so I excused myself and went to the cashier to order something. I just hope that she'll be the one to give us our orders. My prayers have been answered and I saw her approaching our table with the food that I ordered.

Jungkook's eyes widened as his mouth formed into an o shape.

"She's really working here." Jungkook whispered as Dara was placing my order in our table. Dara seems to heard it and looked at Jungkook. She was a bit shocked by seeing us but quickly put a smile on her face.

"You're Jungkook right? And Namjoon?" She asked, her smile never leaving on her face.

"Do you wanna join us? Don't get me wrong. We just want to be friends with you that's all." I said but she politely declined and said that she has work to do. Jungkook's face become sad when she left.

"Hey, it's okay at least you get to see her right? We have plenty of time. I know you can talk to her soon. But if it's not rude to ask.. why her? Why do you wnat her to be your noona?" Jungkook tilt his head as he think of an answer.

"Molla, I just think she's cool." He said, his bunny teeth showing. "But hyung, how did you know that she's working here?" He asked.

"I came to this cafe yesterday" I answered.

After a few minutes, we finished our food and drinks and decided to go home. When we arrived, we were welcomed by Jimin who expected a food from us but we don't have anything so he has no choice but to eat cereals. 


It was the 2nd day of school and I decided to go to school early. When I arrived, only a few students were around and I like it. I like peaceful surroundings. I opened the door and my eyes widened as I saw Dara searching through every corner of the room.

The bracelet!

I grabbed her bracelet from my bag and approached her. She was a bit startled when she saw me because she didn't notice my presence. 

"Is this what your looking for?" I asked while showing her the bracelet.

"Y-yes." she said.

I then gave it to her and said to take care of her things. I placed my bag on the chair and stand in front of the window, admiring the view.  

"Thank you"


She stood beside me and we were silent for a few minutes. It was not awkward instead it was a comforting silence. I was about to ask if I could be friends with her.. or more than that but suddenly, the door slammed open.

"Yah Namjoon Hyung! Why didn-"

It was Jungkook. He was shocked to see us. No, not me. He was shocked to see Dara. He closed the door then ran towards Dara.

"Annyeong Haseyo Noona" he said then bowed. "Noona?" Dara asked. Jungkook scratched his forehead. "He always want a Noona" I said.


"So.. Can you be my Noona? Jebal~" Jungkook said while giving Dara the cutest smile in the world.

"Okay sure, why not?" Dara said.

"YES!" Jungkook shouted. I laughed at his reaction. He looked at me. "Namjoon hyung.." He called..

"Yes?" I asked.

"I heard that in the end of the month.. We will decide which club we are in" he said.. "Jinjja? That's great" I replied.

"Hyung, help me choose.. Singing or Dance Club?" He asked. "It's up to you" I said. He went silent.

"How about you Namjoon?" Dara asked.. "I was thinking of Dance Club. But I may not pass the audition" I said.

"How about you Noona? Which club are you in?" Jungkook asked. When she was about to answer, a lot of students get inside the classroom.

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