Chapter 35

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Third Peron's POV.

Every student in Yongsan International School are very excited because today is the day that they are waiting for. The Championship Game. Every sport will have their championship today. Some of the students are in full support of their fellow classmates while the others doesn't even care if they win or not. Namjoon together with the boys are now preparing for their game. They are against Jangjun's team, again. There are no longer available seats because the gymnasium is filled with students who wanted to support both teams. The students who came to support Jangjun's team is on the left side and the students who came to support Namjoon's team is on the right. Being the girlfriends of Yoongi and Namjoon, Mina and Dara can't explain what they are feeling right now. They don't know if they are nervous because after this game their game will be next or they are nervous because their boyfriends might not win. Compared to the first day, Jangjun's team improved.

"Win or lose it's okay, okay?" Mr. Choi asked the team.

"Arasseo" Namjoon's team answered.

"Win or lose I still have this face, whose the real winner now?" Jin said.

They looked at him disgustedly. "Yah!" Jin wailed which made the team laugh. 

"Namjoon and Yoongi. Be in the bench in the 1st quarter. Hoseok and Jimin you're in" Mr. Choi said and they agreed. They are saving Namjoon and Yoongi's energy so they won't get tired easily. The first quarter started. It was an intense game. Their defense and offense are unbreakable. Even though Namjoon and Yoongi is out of the game, their team is still solid. After a few minutes the 1st Quarter ended and Jangjun's team is leading by 6 points. 

"Namjoon, Yoongi you're in. Jungkook, Taehyung out" 

Jungkook and Taehyung quickly wiped away their sweat. 

It's just the 1st Quarter but we're hella tired Taehyung thought.

"Go love!" Dara shouted as Namjoon went inside the court. 

Her voice was heard inside the gymnasium and the crowds shrieked and screamed. Dara felt embarrassed so she covered her face by her hands. Namjoon find it cute. When Dara was no longer covering her face, Namjoon looked at Dara and winked. Dara blushed even more which made Namjoon in a good mood. The 2nd Quarter began and Namjoon and Yoongi are doing a great job closing the gap. They tried their best to close the gap until 3rd Quarter but Jangjun's team is still leading. Some students who is on Namjoon's side started to lose hope and Namjoon started to lose hope too. Dara go down the bleachers and tried to approached Namjoon but one of the staff who facilitated the intramurals stopped her.

"5 minutes" Dara said.

"5 minutes" the guy repeated and allowed Dara to approached Namjoon.

"Hey love! Are you tired? Don't worry. I know you will win" she said then wiped away Namjoon's sweat.

"I don't think we can" Namjoon said.

"I believe that you can win" Dara reassured Namjoon. Namjoon didn't speak. Seems like Dara's words are not convincing Namjoon so Dara think of somehing else.

"What if I am the ball?" she asked.

"What?" Namjoon asked while tilting his head.

"Imagine that I am the ball. They are stealing the ball from you. They are stealing me from you. Now what would you do?" Dara asked.

"I won't let them steal you away from me" Namjoon answered.

"Good. They are playing with the ball. They are playing with my feelings and I'm hurt. What would you do?" Dara asked.

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