Chapter 15

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"Namjoon, are you okay?" Yoongi hyung asked. 

"Yes. I'm okay hyung" I answered. He patted my shoulder and he sat down on his proper seat. Actually I'm not okay. The class will start in  five minutes and Dara's still not here. I'm nervous. Something bad might happened to her.

I've waited for her to come but she didn't. Mr. Choi entered our classroom and greeted us. We greeted back. "It seems like Ms. Min is not here today" Mr. Choi said. My classmates looked at Dara's seat.

I looked at Jungkook. He mouthed "Where is she hyung?" I mouthed "I don't know"

"Okay. Congratulations students! You did well on your exams" 


It's lunch time now. 

"She's not answering my calls" Mina said. 

"I wonder why is she absent today" Jin hyung said.

"Give me her number" I said to Mina and she gave me it. "You guys go ahead and take your lunch. I'll try to call her" I said. 

"I'll stay Hyung" Jungkook said.

"Jungkook, I know your worried but your health is important too" Hobi said and Jungkook nodded. When they left I dialed Dara's number. In just one ring, she answered.

"Dara? It's me Namjoon" 


"Jinwoo? Is Dara there?"

"Noona is in her room" 

"Would you mind telling me why didn't she go to school today?"

"I also asked her that question hyung and Noona answered it's a girl problem"

"Oh okay. Thank you Jinwoo. Take care" I said then I hang up.

What girl problem could that be? Think Namjoon! Think! Think of a girl problem.

Ugh. Nothing is coming into my mind. Suddenly, two girls passed by me, talking. 

"Hey are you okay?"

"Aniyo. My lower abdomen hurts"

Lower abdomen.


I checked my phone. It's 12:15. It will take me 30 minutes to get there and I'll only have 15 minutes left. I won't make it. Damn it. Come what may. I quickly ran to the gate. Oh no there's a guard. I'll be caught and he will think that  I'm cutting classes. I hide behind the bushes. Luckily, a visitor came and it was escorted by the guard. I quickly run away. 

It's not bad to break rules sometimes. 

When I arrived at Dara's house I knocked at the door. Jinwoo opened it. "Just play okay? Oh and lock the door" I said. I knocked on Dara's room and entered it. I saw Dara lying on bed with her hands on her lower abdomen. 

"Hey.. It's me. Are you okay?" I asked. She opened her eyes ad she was shocked when she saw me. 

"Namjoon? What are you doing here! You still have class!" she said. She's wearing her school uniform. I guess she's ready to go to school when her lower abdomen hurts.

"I don't care. Are you okay? Does it still hurt?" I asked.

"You don't care about school?? You pabo!" she shouted.

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