Chapter 10

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I'm here at the library looking for a book to read. I grabbed a book and started it reading in the corner. While reading, I saw a familiar girl sat at in front of my table. I took a peek to see who was the girl. 

It's Dara.

I stand up and sat down in front of her. 

"Kkamjjak kiya" she said.

I smiled. "I thought you were someone else" she said. "What are you doing?" I asked. "When I'm bored, I'll go here and watch some movies or anything. How about you? What are you doing here?" She asked. 

I lift my book. "Reading" I said.

"You like to read?" She said while smiling. "Yes. Why?" I asked. "I never knew you like books" she uttered. "Well books help me to escape reality" I said. She stared at me which made me uncomfortable. "Why are you staring?" I asked. 

"I like your words. It's kinda deep" she said. I smiled. "Thank you" I said.

"Aha! I knew it! You're dating!"

We looked at the direction where the voice came from. "Hobi! We're not okay?" I said. He just smiled and seat down beside me. "Is there something going on between you two?" He asked. "Hobi stop" I said.

"What? I'm just asking" he said then pouted. Dara laughed when he saw Hobi. "Oh by the way Dara, did we passed the audition?" Hobi asked. "Hobi, it will be announce in the weekends" I said.

"You two are cute" Dara said while smiling.

"Thank you" Hobi said. I did a facepalm. I'm so embarrassed. "Are you embarrassed because of me?" Hobi asked.

"Yes" I answered without hesitation.

"Ahh, I get it. You're trying to make a move to Dara" he said.

My eyes widened. So do Dara's eyes.

"Leave" I commanded.

He just smiled and stick his tongue out.

"I said leave"

He quickly stand up and leave the library. Dara started to laugh.

"Sshh" the Librarian said.

Dara covered her mouth which I find so cute.

"Let's get out of here before the librarian kick me out" Dara said and stand up. 

"Let me bring your bag" I said. "No, it's okay" she said. "I insist" I said then grabbed her bag. "Seriously you don't need to do this" she said as we take the exit. "But I want to" I said and she just smiled.

"Is it hard?" I asked.

"What's hard?" she asked.

"Picking students that will be a part of MDC" I said.

"It is. You really have to observe their skills" she looked at me. "Can I ask something?" she said. "Of course. What is it?" I asked. 

"Why did you audition in MDC?" she asked.

"I want to improve my dancing skills for my future. I know in myself that I'm not a good dancer. I want to become a better dancer" I said.

"Don't worry. I'll help you" she said. I looked at her.

"Really?" I asked. She smiled and nodded. 

"Thank you" 



"Are you sure you aren't dating?" Mina asked as we're getting ready for the freshmen and sophomores audition.

"How many times do I have to tell you that we are not dating!" I said.

"Then what if he courts you?"

It was just a what if but it made my heart stop. 

What the fuck is going on with me?

"T-that's never going to happen" I said then tied my shoelace. "Oh really? Let's see" she said. "What do you mean 'Let's see'?" I asked.

"I think.. He likes you my dear friend"

My heart started to beat faster

Okay. Something is definitely wrong with me.

"No. He don't" I said. 

"Oh come on. I know guys. I know when they like someone" she said.

"Can you just shut up?" I asked.

"You know me. I can't shut my mouth" she said.

"Yeah yeah yeah. That's why I'm wondering did I choose to you to be my friend" I said.

"You bitch" she said then rolled her eyes.

"Yes, I'm the Queen Bitch baby" I said then walk towards Jangjun. 

"All set?" I asked. "Yes Ma'am" he said. "Very well then, let's start" I said.


I never saw Yoongi like this. He's so happy today. It seems like he was another Yoongi. The sweet one. "Why is he like that?" I asked Jin. "Remember what Mr. Kim said? We're going to the music room. Yoongi loves playing piano" he said.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes. Sometimes when he's bored he'll play piano" he said. I nodded. Mr. Kim allowed us to explore the music room and do some stuffs. He even allowed us to play some instruments but not too loud. 

"Dara, let's go to the piano" Mina said then pulled me towards it. She sat down. Yes, she knows how to play. She started playing. It was good but it made me feel sleepy. I yawned. 


"You scared me for god's sake" I told Namjoon. He laughed.

"Mianhaeyo" he said. 

"Can I?" Yoongi asked Mina. Mina nodded then stand up. When Yoongi started to play the piano all the girls gather around him. Okay I'm out. Me and Namjoon walk around the room. "Do you play instruments?" he asked.

"No. I tried to but I can't. How about you?" I asked. "I know how to play guitar but it's not my hobby though" he said. "Jin told me that Yoongi loves to play piano" I said. Namjoon smiled. "Yes, he do. Whenever he has a free time, he plays the piano" he said.

"Wait, you live in a same house?" I asked.

"Yes, all of us" he said.

"Why? You have different parents right?" I asked. "Yes. we do" he answered. "Then why?" I asked. "We want to be independent. That's why we stayed in one house" he said. "Oh, I see" I said. 

"Dara! Hyung! It's time to go back to the classroom" Taehyung said. We nodded and followed them.

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