Chapter 43

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Weeks passed by and the issue about Dara went off. I haven't seen Lira since then. I hope she finally gave up on me. We just finished our 3rd Quarterly exams. Me and Dara still have some projects to work on. We're here now at the library for researching. It's better to search in books than in internet for me. 

"Finally I'm almost done" Dara said while throwing her head back. I smiled at her. My smile faded when I saw Sehun coming towards us. He's been hanging out with Dara lately because Dara said that she wants to repay him about what happened a month ago. I mentally rolled my eyes when he greeted us. 

I mean what's the purpose of repaying him when she could just thank him? 

Ugh. I hate you Dara. 

Nah, I'm just kidding. I still love you, pabo. 

I think I'm crazy. I'm talking to myself. Omo, I'm so in love with this girl. 

"Earth to Namjoon"

"Yes love?" I asked.

"I said me and Sehun will go out later"

Alright, I'm done.

"Okay.. Just go home before it gets dark"



My friendly date with Sehun went well. We walked around the park, talking about silly things and more. He's like my brother. He's like Will. While Sehun is walking me home, I decided to check my phone.

Oh man, holy shit.

49 missed calls from Namjoon.

"Oh no. Oh no. Oh no" I repeated several times. "Why? What's the problem?" Sehun asked and I showed him my phone.

"I'm sure he's just worried and I know he will understand" he said then showed me a reassuring smile. 

"I hope so"


When I got home, I checked Jinwoo first. He's now asleep. I removed my shoed and placed it in the corner. I called Namjoon back. Guess what, he's not answering. 

"Please answer it, Love" I said while the phone ring for the 10th time.

Still, no answers. I keep flooding him messages but he won't text back. I dialed Taehyung's number instead since I know that he is Namjoon's roommate. 


"Taehyung-ah, is Namjoon there?"

"Yes, he is Noona"

"Do you know why is he not answering my calls?"

"He's... asleep Noona. That's why"

"Oh. Thank you"

I hang up. I got a feeling that Taehyung lied. I just hope what he said is true. That he's just asleep that's why he's not answering my calls.


This is the worst day of my life.

Namjoon's been avoiding me since morning. Ugh. I talked to Sehun about it and he gave me some tips but it didn't work. 

"Mina, please help me" I begged.

"Why would I?" she asked which made me pouted. 

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