Chapter 3

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"Why did you go so early Namjoon Hyung? You too Kookie" I said. "I just want to be early today" hyung said. "Nado" Kookie said.

"I like this school" Jin hyung said. "Yeah, no fights or anything" Hobi hyung said..

"Namjoon hyung. Do you like Dara?" Jimin asked all of a sudden. Namjoon hyung was shocked.

"No, I don't" he said.

"Why did you ask?" Yoongi hyung asked. "Nothing. You two looked good together" Jimin said.

"I WAS THINKING THE SAME THING!" Kookie and I shouted. We looked at each other and laughed. "Wait a minute. They are right" Hobi hyung said.

"So.. Are you planning to court her?" Jin hyung asked. "WHAT? Guys. Stop okay" hyung said.

The bell rang. We stand up and go our room. Before entering the room, I saw Dara and a girl. They were taking a picture. Is she famous here? If she is.. Why?



I decided to stay here in the school for a while. I sat in a bench. I tried to catch some leaves. I catch one. I pulled my notebook out from my bag and did my homework.

"Aaahhh.. What a tiring day!" A man said then sat beside me. Seems like he didn't notice me because he was too tired so I continue what I'm doing. He seems to noticed my presence.

"Yah!" He shouted. I looked at him and smiled. "Annyeong haseyo" I said. "Annyeong!" He greeted. He looked at my notebook.

"Woah. You're so industrious. Doing homework at school? I never did that in my life" he said. I don't know why but I feel shy.

"What did you anyway? You seem too tired" I asked. "Training" he said. "Varsity?" I asked. "Nope. Modern Dance Club" he said.

"Wow. Is it hard?" I asked. "Yes it is. But it's worth it believe me. And Dada's nice" he said.

"Dada?" I asked.

"Our leader. Well, gotta go. See you around!" He said then run away. I finished my homework before going home.


"Namjoon hyung! Help me with the assignment!" Jimin said. "Sure. I'll just change my clothes" I said then go to my room.

It took me 5 minutes to change my clothes. I go to the living room. The maknae line are already waiting for me. I sat down in front of them and started to teach them some lessons.

After one and a half hour, we're done. The foods are already prepared too. We started eating. I volunteered to wash the dishes.

"Be careful. Don't break anything" Yoongi hyung said.

"Arasseo" I said.

After that I went to the lake to have some air. I sat down, I pick up a stone and throw it in the lake. I saw a girl at the other side of the river. That girl seems familiar. Or maybe it's just my imagination.

Minutes passed and I decided to go home. I went straight to my room and lay down on my bed.



8th day of school.

"So.. You have a school orientation today. At 8:00 we will go to the gym" Sir Choi said. Hours passed by and now it's 8:00..

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