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Fix me || Kim Namjoon by _aryuri
Fix me || Kim Namjoonby Bella
In which a boy fell in love with a good girl who has a dark past
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Regrets + Jjk [C] by Jmnutella
Regrets + Jjk [C]by n u t 🦄
I regret what i did to you before. I regret ignoring you. I regret on leaving you
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BTS Jokes  by bluemochi1906
BTS Jokes by anrei min
This is an Book Full of Jokes about BTS. Hope you like it, well not my fault if you don't like it bro. And very lame jokes😂 and this book is full of laughter and sadnes...
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How I become Kim by kimnamjoonahne
How I become Kimby
A story about a normal university lecturer and idol named Kim Nam Joon . She has the same hobbies as Namjoon but will she share the same feelin as Namjoon?
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Oneshot☆ BTS☆  by Yaxh482k1
Oneshot☆ BTS☆ by Yaxh kook
Oneshot? you heard it right fluff, hard and sweet short stories for you.♡ Smut warning ●SOME SHORT SAD AND HAPPY STORIES. ♤WELL THERE SOME BTS STORIES EXCEPT 1ST ONE☆ JU...
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Never Again || Kim Namjoon (On Hold) by _aryuri
Never Again || Kim Namjoon (On Bella
Book 2 of Fix Me || Kim Namjoon
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30 day bias challenge ✔️ {request open} by alpacaparkara
30 day bias challenge ✔️ { Wanderlust 💕
Might be a treasure chest for Namjoon bias people and other armys too. Ignore this book if you want to stay loyal to your bias As this challenge is now finished, this b...
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how we fall - bts x reader by cydni_ds
how we fall - bts x readerby cyd
y/n can't control how she feels she fell for them hard. the heart wants what it wants, right? ~ reader x all 7 members of bts
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Night Hugs (Minjoon Fanfic) by Vintage_Romantic
Night Hugs (Minjoon Fanfic)by Minjoon
Jimin loves night time. Namjoon loves the moon. They both have something in common.
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🅂🄲🄴🄽🄰🅁🄸🄾🅂 | 🅁🄿 by manicxlove
🅂🄲🄴🄽🄰🅁🄸🄾🅂 | 🅁🄿by - ƚɯιɳʂ -
roleplay scenarios for joonie and RM
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Got7 and BTS reactions by MinJungkachu
Got7 and BTS reactionsby MinJungkachu
requests are open Got7 and BTS only. Any genre don't mind just hit me up
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Every BTS and ARMY ever(random) by hanSoori_
Every BTS and ARMY ever(random)by 힌 소미ฅ'ω'ฅ
WeLcOmE tO hELL. Let's just say this is my usual thoughts placed in one book. Conclusion: It's messed up, more messed up than your life ever since you met Wattpad. (and...
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✔ B͢T͢S͢ Qu͢o͢t͢e͢s͢ || 김남준 by BTS_Baepsae
✔ B͢T͢S͢ Qu͢o͢t͢e͢s͢ || 김남준by S Y M R A 🇰🇷
Kim Nam Joon (Hangul: 김남준; born on September 12, 1994), better known as RM (formerly Rap Monster), is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, and record producer. He is the m...
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Chủ yếu để mua vui cho fan Ko có ý xúc phạm tổ chức cá nhân nào |23/7/2018|
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Wish I Could Love Myself by jaysnemo
Wish I Could Love Myselfby faith
A short story based off of the highlight reels that were released for BTS' new concept LOVE YOURSELF. Mainly focusing on Namjoon's character in the reels. What were to...
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The Lost Princess [ON HOLD] by Angelschryme
The Lost Princess [ON HOLD]by Izyhart
As you wake up clueless of everything, you found out that you're in a mansion of 7 gorgeous guys who claims to be your husband. What will you do?
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Dangerous Man by kulaspirata
Dangerous Manby kulaspirata
Are you really in danger if you're with a dangerous man?
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RMusic By Friky by AfricaRodrguez
RMusic By Frikyby FrikyReadMe_de Bts
RM, Rap monster, Kim Namjoon, Namjoonie..., Hyung... ¿Who? ¿Me? ¿You? ¿Yo? ¿Tú? ¿Quién? ¿Alguien? ¿Bangtan? ¿Vida? ¿Amor? ¿사랑? ¿사람? 01. tokyo 02. seoul (prond.HONNE) 03...
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Can I Survive Without Him?  by CecilLily12
Can I Survive Without Him? by CecilLily12
Emily was a collage student and she loves BTS and ofc. her bias JuNgKoOk.In her room a lot of pictures of BTS and especially Jungkook,one day she fell asleep in a dark f...
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