Chapter 20

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"Dara, are you okay?" Mina asked.

"Mina, I think Namjoon is hiding something from me" I said.

"What? Why do you say so?" She asked..


Hoseok and Namjoon disappeared. I wonder why. We're still doing cypher. I told Jangjun to be in charge while I'm looking for them. I found them outside the gym.

"You have to tell Dara" Hoseok said.

"No, not yet" Namjoon said..

"Why don't you ask him?" she said.

"I'll think about it" I said. Mina nodded and went back to her seat.

I just hope that he's not hiding something from me. Namjoon entered the room together with the boys. He sat down beside me.

"Hi love" he greeted.

"Hi love" I greeted back and forced a smile.

"Is something wrong?" He asked.

"I'm just wondering.. Love, do you have anything to say?" I asked back.

He stared at me. "Nothing love" he said then smiled. I smiled then nodded. Mrs. Lee entered the room. "Good Morning class" she greeted. "Good morning Mrs. Lee" we greeted back. 

"So let's check. Who doesn't have apron stand up" Mrs. Lee said.

Two of my classmates stand up. 

"I will mark you x on apron because you don't have one. In 10 minutes you should have your apron. Barrow from your classmates" Mrs. Lee said.

I quickly pulled out my apron while Mrs. Lee is checking if we have cooking outfit. I looked at Namjoon and he also has an extra. I gave one of them my apron and Namjoon gave his on the other one.

"If you're ready, stand up" Mrs. Lee said.

All of us stand up. We lined up outside then walk to the cooking lab. We proceed to our groups. Namjoon and Yoongi is two of my group mates. We started putting our cooking outfit. I couldn't tie my apron's ribbon because it is in the back.

"Let me help you" Namjoon said then he tied my ribbon.

"Thank you" I said then smiled.

"Aish. Jinjja? Even here you're still sweet?" Yoongi asked.

We chuckled. "Why are you like that?" I asked. "I think Yoongi hyung and Mina have a problem" Namjoon said. "Really?" I asked. He nodded.

"Yah! Stop talking and let's cook" Yoongi said then started instructing our group mates.

During TLE time, Namjoon is so clumsy. What Jin said about Namjoon is now proven. He breaks everything he touches. Mrs. Lee keep scolding at Namjoon. I shouldn't be laughing but I always laugh every time he break something.

*after TLE class*

I was laughing so hard while telling the boys and Mina what happened earlier. "Yah. Stop laughing" Namjoon siad then pouted. "Don't pout. It doesn't looks good on you"  I teased. He gave me a blank face and walk faster.

I quickly grabbed his wrist. "Mianhaeyo" I said while showing him my cutest aegyo. He slowly smiled.

I won.

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