Chapter 11

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"So did you bring your swimming outfits?" Mrs. Jung asked. Everybody said yes. "Fall in line outside then go to the pool area" she said then walked out of the room. We stand up and head towards the exit.

"I hate this" Mina said. "Yeah because you fell into the pool when you were a kid" I said then laughed. "Fuck you" she said. "I love you too" I said then I tried to hug her but she walked fast. I pouted. 

I saw Namjoon smiling at me nearby. He quickly looked away when he saw me looking. "Change your clothes first. Girls bathroom is in the right and boys bathroom is in the left" Mrs. Jung said. After we change our clothes Mrs. Jung instructed us to go into the water. The others are in the pool so is Mina. But I'm still here at the top.

"Is it deep?" I asked.

"YES. IT IS" Mina said.


I don't like deep pools. I might drown.

Namjoon walk towards me. "No. It isn't deep" he said. 

"Yes it is" Mina said.

"Yah! You're not helping" I shouted at Mina.

"You teased me earlier and now you're the one who can't go in the water" She said then laughed so hard. 

"Don't worry. I'll help you" Namjoon said then offered his hand.

I hold his hand. "I think it's deep" I said when I tried to get in. 

"Dara's scared" Yoongi said then he laughed so hard too. 

"Yah Yoongi hyung!" Jungkook shouted

"Come on" Namjoon said. 

"I'm scared" I said.

"Don't be. I'll catch you. On a count of 3" he said. 


Okay. I'm ready.


Wait. I'm not ready.


Forget it.

I closed my eyes and jump. 

He did catch me.

"Open your eyes" he said. I did what he said. I hugged him so tight and wrapped my legs around his waist. "Please say it's not deep" I said. He laughed. "Hey easy. It's not. I promise" he said. I heard Yoongi's laugh. I also heard Jungkook scolding his hyung Wow. Really?

"Try to reach the ground" he said.

I lowered my body but I didn't reach it so I wrapped my body around him tightly. "It was just a few inches left. Now try again" He said. This time I reached the floor. I hold his shoulder when the water waved because someone dived in the pool. He laughed.

"You're so cute earlier" he said. "Thank you?" I said. He just smiled. Wow. It's the first time I've seen him this close.

He's freaking hot.

That wet look.


"Everyone we'll start by doing a freestyle" Mrs. Jung said. 

Oh crap I don't know that.

"I'll teach you" Namjoon said. "Did I say my thoughts too loud?" I asked. "Yes. You did" he asnwered. I facedpalm. He teached me. I learned it fast. I just hope I do well. 

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