Chapter 42

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After what happened in the Philippines, we went back to Korea. As expected, tons of school works. I don't know why how the students know about Dara's past. Whenever we will pass, they will give her a glare. I want to tell everyone they are wrong but Dara stopped me and told me that they are not worth it.

"Hey, did you saw my wallet? I left it in my desk earlier" One of my classmates said. All of them looked at Dara. I clenched my teeth. I felt Dara's hand on mine, signalling me to calm down.

"Maybe Dara have it" the boys said.

I know that Mina is just keeping herself calm but deep inside, she's killing these boys.

"Check her bag!" someone shouted. The boy grabbed Dara's bag.

"Hey!" I shouted.

They took of all Dara's things from her bag. A pink wallet dropped and it's not Dara's wallet.

"T-that's my wallet" the girl said.

"That's impossible! I'm with Dara all day and I didn't saw her stole it!" Mina shouted.

"Who knows. Maybe you're just protecting her"

Yoongi hyung stand up. Jin hyung quickly stopped him from attacking.

"So the rumor was true.. You were a thief since you were a kid!" the boy shouted.

Dara stayed silent while they keep talking and accusing Dara. Mr. Choi entered our room.

"Silence! What do you think you're doing!" Mr. Choi shouted.

"Mr. Choi! Dara stole Jia's wallet!" the jerk said.

Mr. Choi glanced at Dara. "Is it true Dara?" Mr. Choi asked.

"It's not true Mr. Choi" Dara said.

"She said it's not true so she didn't steal it Mr. Lee"

"But Sir-"

"Do you want detention Mr. Lee?" Mr. Choi asked.

"No Sir" the Lee said then sat down. Mr. Choi began to teach us our new lesson.


Before we went to the cafeteria, we stopped by Dara's locker. She placed some notebooks inside it.

"Love, are you okay?" I asked.

"Yes I am" she said.

I closed her locker and made her look at me.

"Say it again while you look into my eyes" I repeated.

She hesitated for a moment before answering. "I'm okay" she said then caressed my cheeks.

The bullying thing lasted for a week. Even though Dara wants to fight back, she can't because she don't want them to be hurt. Every morning, recess, lunch and dismissal all I heard is Dara's name and I couldn't stand it anymore. As her boyfriend it hurts me so much to see her like this.

"I'm just going to the toilet. I will be back" Dara said then left the room. She just doesn't want to hear my classmates talking.

I stand up.

"When will you guys stop?" I asked. All of their eyes darted on me.

"When will you stop talking about Dara's past?" I asked once again.

"Can't you see that past is past and she's trying to change? Why do you have to accuse her every time someone is losing something? Why always her? Just because you saw someone's wallet in Dara's bag she's the one who stole it? What if someone just put it in her bag without her even knowing it?" I asked.

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