Chapter 8

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"We have club meeting today right?" Yoongi hyung asked. "Yes hyung" Jungkook answered. "What club are you in guys?" Hobi asked.

"I think all of us are in MDC except Jungkook, Jimin and Taehyung" Jin hyung said. "It makes me sad. I want to join MDC too" Kookie said.

"Me too" Taehyung and Jimin said at the same time. "Yah, we're not really sure if we're gonna pass the audition" I said. "Do we need to provide audition peace?" Yoongi hyung asked.

"No. They're gonna provide the steps and just gonna teach them to us" I said. "Cool" Hobi said. I went to my locker to get some notebooks. A girl stand beside me, seems like she's gonna get something too. I glanced at her and I was surprised who it was. 


She jumped a little before looking at me. "You scared me" she said. I smiled then scratch the back of my neck. "Mianhaeyo" I said. "Gwaenchana" she said. I locked my locker and so did she. "Let's go?" I asked, she nodded. 

"We have a club meeting later right?" she asked. I nodded. "All the students who wants to audition will go the gym. We will just have an orientation about audition" she said. "Thanks for letting me know" I said.

"It's my job" she said. We reached our room. All of them stared at us when we both entered the classroom. They screamed. I tilt my head. "Why are they screaming?" I asked Dara. "I have no idea" she said.

"Are you two dating!?" one of the girls asked. 

"NO!" we shouted.

"They are just hiding it!!" Someone shouted. Oh god, please help us. The students become silent because Mr. Choi entered the classroom. Me and Dara take our seats. 


I looked at my clock, it's 2:00. Time for the club meeting. Miss Lee bid goodbye to us and left. I fix my things and stand up. "Namjoon, let's go together with the boys to the gym" Dara said. I smiled then nodded.

"Noona, mianhae. I'm in singing club" Jungkook said. "You don't need to say sorry Jungkook" Dara said. "Yah you boys. Wait for us if you're done sooner than us, okay?" Jin hyung asked. Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook nodded. They said goodbye then left.

"Hi boys" Mina greeted.

"Hello Mina" We greeted back. "Let's go?" she asked. We all nodded and walk to the gym. My eyes widened as I saw many, many students. "Woah, I didn't expect this" Mina said. "So did I" Dara said. 

All the students in the gym looked at us,. I mean all the students looked at Dara. We walked towards the stage. "Did they sign up already?" Dara asked. The girl shake her head. Mina grabbed a yellow paper from her bag and she give it to me.

"You boys sign up first" she said.

I looked at the paper. There are three columns. The first column is for your name, second is for grade and section and the third column is for your signature. All of us signed up. 


"Those who already signed please proceed to the bleachers" Another boy shouted. "Kaja" Yoongi hyung said. We sat at the bleachers. After a few minutes, all the students are done signing. The members stand in front of us. I count how many members do they have. 

25 members.

"So guys, today we will have the orientation about the auditions. But first we will be introducing ourselves" Dara said. 

"Min Da Ra, President of MDC" she said then bowed. The members tease her but she just laugh.

 "Lee Jang Jun, Vice President" Dara said. Jangjun stepped forward and bowed. 

"Choi Mi Na, Treasurer" Dara said. Mina did the same thing. Dara introduces the other officers. 

"The first audition will be on Monday" Dara said.

"What do you mean by first audition?" A girl asked.

"We will have two rounds of audition. If you passed the first audition, you'll proceed to the second audition. And when you passed the audition 2nd audition, Congratulations you're now an MDC Trainee" she said.

"In the first round it will be easy but in the second round, it's harder. So in the first round, give all your best shot" she said.

"You don't need to bring audition peace. We will be the one to teach you" Jangjun said. Some of the students nodded.

"So for Monday, only the Juniors and the Seniors will audition. On Tuesday, it will be Freshmen and Sophomore"


"That's all for today. See you on Monday" The members said. We stand up and go to the parking lot. The three boys are already there. We get on the car. 

"Hyungs, our audition is on Monday" Jimin said.

"Our audition is on Monday too" Hobi said. 

"I hope we can watch you" Taehyung said.

"Come to the gym after your audition" I said. The three boys nodded. "Wait. Dara has work today right?" I asked.

"Oh yeah right" Hobi said. "We'll go to her house?" Jungkook asked happily. "If it's okay with Jin hyung" I said then looked at him.

"It's definitely okay" he said.


I knocked at the door three times. After a few seconds, the door opened.

"Hyung!" Jinwoo shouted.

I lift him up. "How are you little boy?" I asked. "I'm good Hyung!" he said. He looked at the boys. "Annyeong haseyo Hyungs" he greeted. The boys greeted him back. 

"Wanna play Jinwoo?" Jimin asked. Jinwoo nodded, I put him down and we entered the house. Yoongi hyung and Jin hyung helped Jinwoo to get his toys. Jinwoo sat beside me, we began to play. The others started to do their homework. Suddenly, Jinwoo asked something that shocked me.

"Hyung, are you Noona's boyfriend?"

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