Chapter 19

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After Namjoon talked to me, I made up my mind. I'm going to date Mina. Before going to school, I bought a bouquet of flowers and chocolates. I'm walking on the hallway and people started staring especially the girls. I entered the classroom and all of them looked at me. I approached Mina. I looked at my classmate.

"Starting today me, Min Yoongi, will date Choi Mina and no boys will be allowed to approached her" I shouted.

They screamed. I saw Dara slapping Namjoon's arm and Namjoon is just laughing. I looked at Mina. She seemed shocked. I put the bouquet and chocolates on her desk. She looked at me. I winked at her then leave the classroom.



"Omo! Yoongi was so cool and sweet at the same time earlier!" I said while eating my sandwich. "I mean look! He did that in front of many people!" I said. 

"Stop talking and finish your food" Namjoon said.

I pouted then took a bite on my sandwich. "Oh by the way. Thank you love" I said. "Thank you for what?" he asked. "Thank you for talking to Yoongi. If you hadn't talk to him I'm sure he wouldn't do that" I said.

"You're welcome" he said.

I saw Mina and Yoongi entering the cafeteria. I waved my hand to get their attention. When they saw us they joined us in the table.

"I can't believe you did that Yoongi!" I said.

"I can't believe I did that too" he said.

"That was so embarrassing! Why do you need to shout it! You could just say it to me not to everyone" Mina said.

I laughed. That was the same reaction I gave when I found out that Yoongi saw everything that night. 

"Well there's an advantage and disadvantage of what Yoongi hyung did. The advantage the guys will know about it and they will distance themselves from Mina because they know that Yoongi hyung is courting her. They wouldn't have the courage to court Mina because of Yoongi hyung. The disadvantage of that is they can ruin your relationship with rumors and lies" Namjoon said.

"Namjoon has a point" I said.

"I'll punch them in the face if they spread out rumors and lies" Yoongi said.

"If you do that I will not say yes" Mina said.

"I will make you say yes no matter what" Yoongi said.

"Yah! You two aren't the only people here" Namjoon said.

"When I'm with Mina, all the people around me vanished and she's the only girl I see" Yoongi said.

"Let's go" Namjoon said.

"Why are we still here?" I asked then I stand up.

We left them there. "I never saw Yoongi like that before!" I said while laughing. 

"Me too! He really loves Mina huh?" he asked.

Yoongi doesn't like her. He loves her. I stared at Namjoon.

Do you love me?

Or you just like me?


We're now here at the gym for training. I'm not in the mood and I don't know why.

"Love, are you okay?" Namjoon asked. "Yes. I'm okay" I said then I forced a smile. He hugged me. "If you have  problem, please tell me" he whispered.

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