Chapter 34

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Our semester break will end in one week. I'm here at the school because MDC have training. Next Monday until Friday will be our intramurals. The school Principal told us that we're going to perform. I just planned to repeat our performance on the contest. 

"Water break" I shouted.

A boy from our class approached me. 

"Dara our jersey just came" he said.

I called the boys and Mina. I told MDC that we will be back in a few minutes. We entered our classroom. Our classmates started to get their jerseys. 

"Omo! It looks good!" one of the girl says.

"Love, here's yours" Namjoon said then handed me my jersey uniform.

"Thank you love" I said.

"Yah everyone. Look at Yoongi!" Jin shouted and we all looked at him. He's wearing the jersey uniform. Wow. It looks good on him. The girls shrieked and I saw Mina rolled her eyes. I laughed. 

"Love, isn't your shorts too short?" Namjoon said as he showed me my shorts.

"All of the girls have the same shorts" I said.

"It looks short for me but anyway. Be with me all the time so boys won't look at your legs" he said then folded it. I smiled.

"Arasseo arasseo" I said.

I looked at the time and it's time for us to go to the gym. I called the boys and Mina and said that we will go back to the gym. When we arrived, we continued our training. 


Days passed and today is the first day of our intramurals. Everyone is so excited. Picture here, Picture there. Chat here, chat there. Eat here, eat there. I'm wearing a baseball tee because it's MDC's costume. A white baseball tee, black pants and white shoes. It's hot because we're in the field. 

"What sport are you going to play?" Namjoon asked.

"Volleyball. I'm not really good though. I just know how to play it. How about you?" I asked.

"Basketball" he said.

"Can you do it? How about your heart?" I asked.

"Love, I'm completely healed. I promise" he said.

"Fine fine. Good luck. I'll cheer you" I said.

"I know you would" he chuckled and I rolled my eyes. 

Suddenly, I saw a man wearing black clothes behind the tree. 

My eyes widened and my heart started to beat faster.

He smirked then walked away.



I was busy talking with the Maknae's when I saw Dara running away. "Wait a second, I'll be back" I said then followed Dara. When I arrived the school's entrance, I saw Dara gasping for air while her hand is on her chest. I quickly approached her.

"Love are you okay?" I asked.

"N-ne" she answered.

"Why did you run away?" I asked.

"I.. I.. I just thought  I saw someone familiar. K-kaja" she said then walked to the field and I followed her. Ever since that happened, Dara was just quiet. It's bothering me I don't know why. I heard the MC called us because we're going to perform. I was not there when they participated in the contest so Dara changed some things last week.

The performance went well. We all drink some water. "Dara are you okay?" Mina asked and Dara just nodded. Something's wrong. 

"What happened to Dara noona?" Taehyung asked.

"I don't know either. Maybe she's just tired because of the performance" I said. I picked up a bottle of water and gave it to Dara.

"Thank you" she said then opened it. 

"Love, you know that I'm always here right? You can talk to me if you want to" I said.

She smiled and caressed my cheek. "Thank you love" she said.

"Yah that's PDA" Jin hyung shouted.

"You're just jealous hyung" I said.

"Shut up" he said that made us laugh.


We're now getting ready for our basketball game. I saw Dara with Mina in the crowd. I smiled. The referee whistled and that means the game will start. The crowd started to cheer. Our section vs. Jangjun's section. We shake hands. I'm a power forward so I'm the one assigned to get the ball. Me and Jangjun stared at each other while waiting for the whistle. The referee whistled ad I jumped. I touched the ball. Yoongi hyung grabbed the ball and we run towards our designated ring. Yoongi hyung passed the ball to Jungkook. Jangjun's team is good in defense. They are double-teaming Jungkook. I saw that Taehyung is free.

"Jungkook" I called.

He quickly passed me the ball and I passed it to Taehyung. Taehyung shoot the ball and it's in. The crowd shouted. Our section is not so good in defense but we'll get through it. I'm guarding Jangjun. He was just dribbling the ball thinking of a strategy. I looked at Jimin and I nodded. In one swift move the ball was mine. I run and passed it to Jimin and he did a lay up. 

"Nice move" Jangjun said and I just smiled. 

The game went on. Now it is the fourth quarter and our team is leading. I drink some water. I looked at Dara. She waved at me while smiling. I smiled back. The referee whistled and it's time to get back on the court. In the middle of the game, Taehyung accidentally hit the other player's stomach and the player got angry. The other player pushed Taehyung and Taehyung fell on the floor. I quickly run to him.

"Gwaenchana?" I asked and he nodded. Jangjun tried to calm down his teammate. After a few minutes, we proceed. 


15 seconds left and our score is 70-71. Jangjun's team is leading. Jangjun was about to shoot but Jungkook blocked him. I picked up the ball. 10 seconds left. I run. 5 seconds. I stopped in the three point line. I shoot the ball.

The ball went in and the time run out. I quickly run to Dara and lift her in the air. 

"Congratulations on your first game! You did great love!" she said then hugged me. I hugged her back. "Thank you" I said then kissed her forehead.

"Yah that's PDA!" Jin hyung shouted.

"Yah! You always ruin their moment!" Mina said then hit Jin hyung's arm. We laughed. 

At the end of the day, Dara and our section won in the volleyball game. Dara's actually good at playing volleyball. She just denied it earlier. Time flies so fast and tomorrow is our championship game. I noticed that Dara is always looking around every time that we were together. It's bothering me. It looks like that she's looking for someone. And I'm having a bad feeling about this. 

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