Chapter 47

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"Happy Graduation Day!"

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"Happy Graduation Day!"

They said, high school is where you will find the friends that will stay with you forever.  It is also where you will face many challenges as a teenager. I'm happy because I was able to pass all the exams that junior high school could offer. I thought my junior high school experience would be normal just like the others but it's not. It became special to me. I met a lot of new people. The people who trust and have faith in me. 

"Congratulations Love!" Namjoon exclaimed and kissed my forehead.

"Congratulations to our top student." I teased. He chuckled and hugged me tight. I saw our professor and we pulled away.

"Congratulations love birds!" He cheered. My cheeks turned red and Namjoon laugh. Namjoon put his arms on my shoulder.

"Thank you sir." Namjoon said with a smile. I pinched his side. We talked for a few minutes and sir left because he has to do something.

"Unnie!" Someone shouted from the distance.

"Ji Hee!" I said then hugged her.

"Congratulations Unnie and Oppa!" She greeted and we said thank you.

"Dara, come sweetie, celebrate with us." Appa said.

"Kamsahamnida." I said while bowing. I scanned Jinwoo through the crowed and saw him with Jungkook, Taehyung and Jimin. When his eyes landed on me, he said something to them then ran to me.

"Congratulations Noona!" He said then kissed my cheeks. I kissed his forehead.

"Thank you baby. I have a good news for you." I said then smiled.

"What is it Noona?" He asked.

"Starting next school year, you will now go to school."

"Jinjja!? Thank you Noona! Thank you! I love you!" He said then hugged me tightly. I saw Namjoon smiling while watching at us.

"I'll buy your school supplies. How was that?" Jungkook said to Jinwoo.

"What!? No!" I yelled.

"Noona, I'm talking to Jinwoo. Not you." He said then rolled his eyes. Aish, this kid.

"I'll buy your uniform!" Hobi said that made my eyes widened.

"I'll buy you books to read." Jimin added.

"Me, Namjoon and Yoongi hyung will pay for your tuition." Jin said.

"No! Definitely not! I will not take any of those things!" I said then crossed my arms.

"All the things that we said are already in your house." Namjoon added.

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