Chapter 28

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It's been two days since Namjoon's operation. He is still sleeping. The Doctor said that it's normal. While Namjoon is in the hospital I'm here at the school with my MDC. We're giving our best to make this performance lit and awesome. Our dance performance is hip hop with a bit of fem. 

"Great job everyone! That's all for today" I shouted.

I changed my clothes. Mina called me from a distance. 

"Yes?" I asked.

"Let's hang out!" she said.

I like that idea... But Namjoon.

"Arasseo but it must be quick. I need to go the hospital" I said and she nodded. We walked around Myeongdong. We ate street foods and stufffs. When we got tired we sat on a bench.

"So, how are you and Yoongi?" I asked.

"We're good" she said then smiled brightly.

"Are you in a relationship now?" I asked.

"Aniyo" she said. 

"Why don't you say yes to him?" I asked.

"I'm planning to say yes if he asked if I can be his girlfriend" she said.

I smiled. "Do you think we're gonna win that contest?" she asked. "I'm not sure but whatever happens, we did our best" I said and she nodded.

"I miss Yoongi" she said.

I coughed. "What!? You just saw him earlier!" I shouted. 

"Yah! You're like that to Namjoon too! Remember when Namjoon just left and then you said you miss him already" she said. I just rolled my eyes. My phone rang. I grabbed it from my bag and see who is calling. It was Ji Hee. 


"He's awake"


I arrived at the hospital and quickly ran to the ICU. I was about to knock when Appa came out. "You were the first one who he looked for" he said. It made me happy. "I gotta go. I'll come back later" Appa said.

"Arasseo. Take care Appa" I said then he left. I entered the room. I saw Namjoon talking to Eomma. Eomma looked so happy. They noticed my presence. 

"I'll leave you two for a while" Eomma said then leave the room. I sat beside his bed.

"How are you?" I asked.

"Better" he said.

I smiled. "I have something to tell you" he said. "What is it?" I asked.

"When I was about to die, I looked around but I just saw plain white everywhere. I heard a voice. It's always saying 'come with me' but I didn't. Then I heard your voice. You're saying 'Inhale. Exhale'. At first I though I was just imagining things but when you say that's an order I started doing it" he said.

I caressed his cheeks. "Thank you for staying by my side. I love you" he said. I kissed him. It was soft, passionate kiss. I pulled away.

"I miss that" he said. I chuckled. "You better heal yourself young man" I said. "And when I'm fully heal I won't stop kissing you and touching your body" he said.

"Yah! You pabo!"


Days have passed and Namjoon is getting better. The Doctor said he can go out of town 3 days from now. Today is our contest. We're here at the gym, stretching before going to the venue. 

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