Chapter 5

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Everybody's looking at me.

"Do I look like a mess?" I asked Jin hyung. He shake his head. "Do I have dirt on my face?" I asked. Again, he shake his head.

"Then why is everyone looking at me?" I asked. "Umm.. hyung" Jungkook called. I looked at Jungkook. He showed me his phone.

It was a picture of me and Dara walking and in the library. "Oh crap" I said. How can I face Dara? I made an issue about us.. Ugh..

"Don't worry hyung. They left good comments" Taehyung said. "Those two look good together. I ship them. Love them both. Are they dating? I hope they are" Jimin said, reading the comments.

How was that supposed to help? Now Dara will be uncomfortable when I'm around. What a mess.

I saw Dara walking towards us. Talking with someone I don't know. I hide behind Jin hyung. What a relief that she didn't saw me. "Why did you hide?" Yoongi hyung asked.

"I don't know how to face her" I said. "Be honest with me, are you a man?" He asked. "Of course I am!" I said.

"Then why can't you face her?"

"I don't know"

We reached our room. I ignored the stares of some students. I sat down. Hyung's right, I need to be a man. Knowing Dara, she wouldn't mind that issue. Well, I hope. Someone entered the room, it's Dara.

She sit down beside me. "Good Morning Namjoon" she greeted.

I knew it.

She's not like other girls that will be uncomfortable because of that. I smiled. "Good Morning Dara" I greeted. 


It has already one month since the school year started. 

"So.. As planned, you will choose your club at the end of the month. I will distribute some papers. Please answer it honestly" Mr. Choi said. He begin to distribute the paper. I already have a club in mind. 

Modern Dance Club

I just hope that I'll pass the audition.

"Nice choice"

I almost throw my pencil. "You.. scared me" I said. "Jinjja?" Dara asked. I nodded. We passed our paper. "What club did you wrote?" Jin hyung asked. "MDC" I answered. "Same" he said. He gave me a high five. "Jungkookie. What did you choose?" I asked.

"Singing club" he said. "Nice choice" I said. Oh, I just repeated what Dara said. He smiled, I mess his hair. "Hyung, I told you not to do that" he said then pouted. "Aigoo~ Kyeopta~" I said. He laughed.



"Hyung, why don't we go to the park? I'm bored" Taehyung said. "That's a great idea" I said.

"Is it okay to you guys?" I asked. "Fine with me" Jin hyung said. "I'm in. I want some fresh air" Suga hyung said. "Same" Hobi said.

The others are getting ready while me and Jin hyung are preparing foods. "I can handle this. Go, prepare everything you need" hyung said.

"Thanks Hyung"

I entered our room. "Hyung, what will I bring?" Taehyung asked. "Tae, it's just a picnic. You can bring anything you want" I said.

After 10 minutes, we're done. We decided to walk. Since the park is only few meters away. We arrived. There are some people in the park. Kids playing around. I pick up our blanket and I place it on the grass. We all sat down. We bring up our foods. We are having so much fun especially the Maknae line. It's been a long time since we have done this. Suddenly, a ball rolls towards me. I picked it up. And I saw a cute boy..

"Is this ball yours?" I asked. He nodded. "Here" I said then I give it to him. The kid stared at me. "Are you alone?" I asked. He shake his head. "I'm with my Noona" he said.

"Ohh.. Where do you live?" I asked. He pointed at the river. "At the other side of the river?" I asked. He nodded. "This park is far from there" Yoongi hyung.

"It's the nearest park" he said. Suddenly, I felt sad. He had to go here just to play.

"Jinwoo" I heard a familiar voice.

We all looked at the person. Our eyes widened.

"Dara?" Hobi hyung asked. "Annyeong Haseyo" she said. "Noona" the kid said then run towards Dara.. "He's nice" the kid said. "Who?" Dara asked.

The kid pointed at me. I smiled. "Why don't you join us Noona?" Jungkook asked. Dara shake her head. "No no. Enjoy your picnic" she said.

"But Jinwoo wants to join us" Jimin said. Dara looked at Jinwoo and Jinwoo nodded. I chuckled. "Fine" she said. Jinwoo run to me and sit on my lap..

"Noona.. Sit here" Jinwoo said while pointing at my side. I moved to the right so Dara could sit down. "Your brother is handsome" Jin Hyung said. "Thanks" Dara said.

"Is it true that this is the nearest park to your house?" Taehyung said. Dara nodded. "You go here everyday?" Hobi asked. "Not everyday. Only if Jinwoo wants" she said.

Jinwoo's playing with my hands. "Woah. Big" Jinwoo said as he compared my hand on his. I smiled. I can see that Taehyung wants to play with Jinwoo. "That guy over there has big hands too. Go there" I said while pointing at Taehyung. Jinwoo quickly run to Taehyung and then they play.

"Dara noona, I'm just gonna play with Jinwoo on the playground" Taehyung said. "Me too!!" Jungkook said. "And me!" Jimin said. Dara nodded, the maknae line walk away with Jinwoo.

Dara's face is saying that she's worried. "It's okay. They love kids" I said. "I trust them but, this is the first time that Jinwoo made a friend" she said.

"He doesn't go to school?" Yoongi hyung asked. Dara shaked her head. "The money I earned is not enough" she said. "Well how about your parents? Don't they have work?" Jin hyung asked.

"They are dead"

"Dead?" I asked. Not sure of what I heard.


That makes me sad even more. I feel sorry for her. She have to raise her brother alone. I'm sure it's hard for her. "Then, if you're going to school everyday, who is taking care of Jinwoo?" Hobi asked..

"He's left alone in the house. I taught him everything he needs to do. Locking the door all the time. Preparing his cereals at noon time" I said.

I.. I don't know what to say..

I pity her. "I'm sorry if you have to share it with us" Yoongi hyung said. Dara smiled. "It's okay to me" she said. Jinwoo run towards Dara.

"You tired little one?" Dara asked. Jinwoo nodded. The maknae line are also gasping for air.

"I have to prepare for work" Dara said and stand up. "Thank you" Dara said and  then they left.

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