Chapter 14

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We're now eating our breakfast.

"Hyungs! Hyungs!" Jungkook called. "Yes Jungkook?" Hobi asked. "Tomorrow is your second round of audition!"

I spit out the water I was drinking. "What?!" I asked. "Tomorrow is the 2nd round. Look the MDC page post it yesterday" Jungkook said then showed us his phone.

"On MDC auditions, tomorrow will be the 2nd round of auditions for the Juniors and Seniors. Please wear comfortable clothes, towel and water. Own the stage. Stun the doubters. Groove with us" Yoongi hyung said.

"Good luck Hyungs!" Taehyung shouted.

"I know you could do it!" Jimin said.

We're so thankful that we have supportive dongsaeng's like them.



When Namjoon came, a bunch of girls surrounded him. I got irritated because come on, I can't focus on reviewing. I know the girls get the lesson but they're still asking Namjoon. They are flirting with him and Namjoon didn't notice that!

I wanted to shout at his face to tell him that they're just flirting with him!


I stand up and sat down beside Mina.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"What do you think?" I asked.

"Woah, easy girl. Why are you like that?" she asked. "Well ever since Namjoon came that bunch of girls didn't leave him and I can't focus on what I'm reading!" I said. "Are you jealous?" she asked.

"What!? Of course I'm not!" I said.

"Then why didn't you go to the library? That's a quite place" she said. She's right. Why didn't I go there?

"I knew it. You're jealous" she said then smirked. "I told you I'm not" I said.


I immediately recognized Namjoon's voice.

"MWO?" I asked.

"Why did you leave? The exams will start any minute now" even though he was shocked he still managed to talk to me. I looked at Mina and she was smiling while shaking her head. I rolled my eyes. I stand up and sit down on my proper seat.

"Are we okay?" Namjoon asked and I just nodded.

I'm not in the mood to talk.



"Since exams are done why don't we go out?" Namjoon asked.

"Yeah, let's go to a restaurant" Hoseok said.

"Are you coming?" I asked Mina and Dara. "I will" Mina answered. "I wont" Dara answered and pick up her bag.

"And why are you not coming?" Mina asked.

"I'm not hungry. Bye" she said then left the room. "That. Was weird" Yoongi said. "I never saw Noona like that" Jungkook said. "Me too" Taehyung said.

"I think she's mad at me" Namjoon said while scratching the back of his neck. "Why is she mad at you Hyung?" Jimin asked. "I don't know. She's cold to me earlier and the way she talk when she's with me is different than before" Namjoon said.

I saw Mina shaking her head slowly while smiling. "She's just tired. Let's go?" Mina asked and we all nodded. I grabbed Mina's arm.

Yoongi looked at me. "Go ahead. We will just be here at the back" I said. "What are you doing?" Mina asked. "I know you know why Dara is liked that" I said. "Of course I know. I'm her best friend" she said.

"What's the reason?" I asked. "I think she's jealous" my eyes widened. "Jinjja??" I asked and she nodded. "She sat down beside me and I asked her what's going on. She said she got irritated because of the girls who are flirting with Namjoon" she said.

"Does Dara like Namjoon?" I asked.

"I don't know but I think so" she said..

This is going to be interesting.



I don't know why Dara's acting like that towards me. I just know that I did something wrong. I decided to buy her an ice cream since Jinwoo mentioned that she likes it especially if it is cookies and cream.

I took a deep breath before knocking at the door. It was opened by Jinwoo. I put my finger in his mouth to tell him not to make noise.

"Where's noona?" I whispered.

"She's at her room hyung" he said.

"Here take this and go to your room" I said then I give the ice cream I bought. "Don't tell Noona I'm here okay?" I asked and he nodded then silently went to his room. I closed the door. I looked at the bunch of books scattered in the living room. Even though the exams are done, she's still studying.

The door of her room opened. She was shocked when she saw me. "What are you doing here?" she asked coldly.

"Until you tell me that it is okay
I will suffer every single day
Until you tell me it is alright
I won't be able to sleep at night
Until you decide to forgive
I will forever keep saying sorry
I am sorry"

We stared at each other for a few seconds.

"I didn't know what I did wrong but please forgive me. Stop with the cold treatment please. I can't take it" I said.

"I'm not.. Mad at you or anything" she said. I pulled her wrist and hug her. "I thought you were" I said while burying my face on her neck. She hugged me back. "I'm sorry if I was cold earlier. I'm not in the right mood. I'm sorry too" she said.

"It's okay. I brought ice cream" I said.

"REALLY? WHERE IS IT?" she asked.

"Jinwoo" I said.

She quickly ran to Jinwoo's room.

"NAMJOON!!!!" she called.

I quickly entered Jinwoo's room. "He ate it all!" Dara said then stomped her feet like a baby. I looked at Jinwoo and he just laughed. "Come on. I'll buy you a new one" I said.

"Jinwoo are you coming?" Dara asked. Jinwoo shake his head. "I'm okay here Noona" he said. Dara nodded and we headed to the ice cream shop. "Two cookies and cream please" I said then paid for it.

"Here" I said then give Dara one.

We're eating the ice cream while walking. Suddenly, Dara stopped. "Is there something wrong?" I asked. "My legs.. It hurts" she said as she massage her legs.

"Can you keep walking?" I asked. "I don't think so but I'll try" she said then started walking and she almost lost her balance. "Stop. Stop. You can't walk" I said. I lowered my body.

"What are you doing?" Dara asked.

"Get on" I said.

"What? No!" she said.

"Choose. Walk or ride my back?" I asked her. She pouted and slowly she ride my back. I locked her legs with my arms and then I stand up. I started walking.

"You're heavy" I teased her.

"Put me down" she said.

"I'm just joking" I said.

"You're so smelly" she said.

"Stop smelling me and eat your ice cream"

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