Chapter 17

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"Good Morning Jinwoo" I greeted happily.

"Good morning Noona!" he greeted back.

"Let's eat so I won't be late and you'll have more time with Will. Arasseo?"


After eating I dropped Jinwoo in Will's house. "Behave like before okay? I'll see you later. I love you" I said and he nodded. I kissed his cheek. "Annyeong haseyo Noona! Take care!" he said then ran inside Will's house. I waved at Will before getting a bus to get to school.

When I arrived at the school, I quickly ran to the classroom. I'm excited to see Namjoon a.k.a. my boyfriend. I entered the room and saw a bunch of students gathered around my seat. 

"Look! Dara's here" one of my classmate shouted.

"Dara! There's a bouquet in your desk" Mina said.

My eyes widened. I looked closer. They were right. There is a bouquet of red roses. Oh and there's a note.

For you 

I smiled. I know who gave this. Suddenly, Namjoon came in the room. I looked at him. He was looking at me. I smiled. He smiled back and seat on his chair.

"Who gave that Noona?" Jungkook asked.

"I don't know" I lied.

"Woah. Noona has an admirer" Taehyung said.

I just smiled at them. "You better seat down on your seats. Mr. Choi can come any minute now" Namjoon said. The boys nodded then take their seats. 

"Thank you" I said without looking at him.

"Anything for you" he said.

After a few minutes, Mr. Choi came in. "I see Ms. Min has a admirer" Mr. Choi said. I smiled then looked down. Namjoon cleared his throat.

"Is there anything you'd like to say Mr. Kim?" Mr. Choi said.

"Nothing Mr. Choi" Namjoon said.

"Well then, let's start our lesson"


It's time for lunch now. I fixed my things and stand up. 

"Let me bring your bag" Namjoon said.

I just looked at him. "It's my duty" he said then smiled. I smiled back and I gave him my bag. "Oh I think I need to put this on my locker" I said while showing him the bouquet. "Don't you think it will decay in your locker?" he asked.

"You're right" I said. "Let's just spray some water before you put it on your locker" he said and I nodded. 

"Guys, go ahead. We'll just put the bouquet on Dara's locker" Namjoon said. "Can I come?" Jungkook asked. Yoongi put his arms on Jungkook. "Let's go. I'm hungry" he said then pulled Jungkook to the cafeteria.

"You two catch up okay?" Hoseok said then they left. 

"Does Yoongi know?" I asked.

He nodded then chuckled. "He saw it that night" he said. My eyes widened. "Jinjja? That was so embarrassing!" I said then I facepalmed. 

"Yah! What's embarrassing about that! That's the day you said you like me and that's the day we had our first kiss" 

I quickly covered his mouth. I checked if there's a student in the classroom. Good thing that we're the only one who's in the classroom.

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