Chapter 39

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"We have now arrived at Manila, Philippines"

I take off my earphones and fixed my things. I grabbed my suitcase from the cupboard. I get off from the plane.  I checked my notes. Take a cab to get to Jade Hotel and Suites. I waited for a few minutes. The driver help me to put my suitcase inside.

"Are you Korean sir?" The driver asked.

"Yes I am" I answered.

"No wonder why the girls there are checking you out" The driver said. I saw a bunch of girls taking picture of me.

"Ang gwapo!"


Gwapo? What does that mean? "Jade Hotel and Suites please" I said to the driver. It didn't took long for me to arrive at the hotel. I approached the counter.

"Reservation for Mr. Kim Namjoon" I said.

"Rachel will assist you to your room sir" the girl said and I nodded. We entered the elevator and Rachel press the 7th floor.

The elevator stopped and we get off. We entered room number 70.

"This is your card sir. Just slide it through the censor and the door will open" Rachel said.

"Thank you" I said.

"You're welcome sir. If you have any problems just press 0 in the telephone. Enjoy your stay sir" she said then left.

I unpacked my things. I grabbed my laptop and sat on the bed. I log in to skype and type Mina's username. I clicked the call button. She answered it. She's with Sehun and Jangjun.

"Where's Jungkook?" I asked.

"Preparing some foods. We're kinda hungry" Jangjun said.

"Namjoon, your job is to meet Dara today. Be careful. Always be alert. Someone might attack you anytime. Dara lives in the woods. It's kinda far from there. I will text you the address. Arasseo?" Mina said.


"Eat before you leave. Be prepared she might shout at you" Sehun said.

"She will shout at Namjoon including us. We let Namjoon go to the Philippines" Jangjun said.

I gave them a half smile. I heard the door opened and I saw Jungkook.

"Hyung! Are you okay?!" He asked.

"Yes I am" I smiled.

"Great. Namjoon hyung, I told the hyungs and they just scolded me. It's kinda irritating because Jin hyung is shouting in my ear" Jungkook said.

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