Ch. 4

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We walk over to the table with all of our friends. Uriah and Christina are already bragging about their initiates. Zeke looks right at us.

"So, Four, Tris, how do you like your initiates?" He asks suspiciously. I shrug. "We have a lot of  smart ass Candor's and we have A LOT of work to do." Everyone laughs and Christina over exaggerates being offended if what I said.

"Guys, in front of the initiates, Trissy's name is Six." Tobias says smirking. Everyone laughs and I blush and glare at him. "Why'd you call that?!" I glare at all of them but they keep choking on the food they eat.

Tobias looks at me in all seriousness and chuckles. "Why not?" I roll my eyes and keep eating.

After about 15 minutes, only two of the initiates came in. Andrew and Kayla awkwardly find a place to sit. They look so confused. I elbow Tobias. "Remember when me and Chris looked like that?" He nods because he's been laughing so hard he can't speak.

"Remember joe straight forward I was to you?" He says with a hint of sarcasm. I roll my eyes and smirk. "Verrrry annoying sometimes!" Chris laughs at us.

After everyone eats lunch, Eric stands up to make his boring speech, and I tune out most of what he says. We believe in ordinary acts of bravery... blah blah blah. I don't want to hear it, and when I look back at our friends, they don't want to either.

When Eric is finally done with his useless speech, Tobias, Chris, Uri, and I stand up. "Transfers! Get up!" I yell towards the room. I'm too quiet for them to hear me so I slouch down in defeat. Tobias coughs and yells, "Transfers! Get up! And follow us... NOW!"

All of the Transfers stand up and start rushing to catch up to us. In general, we weren't going to purposely leave them. We lead them towards the training room. This will be soooo much fun.

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