Ch. 14

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Tris POV:

The curtains on our windows suck. It's 5:46! Really? We are getting NEW WORKING BLINDS. I run the sleep from my eyes. Where'd this blanket come from?

I pull the blanket off me and stand up. I stretch so I don't fall...again. I walk into the kitchen and open up the fridge. I took a few muffins on the way out for today. I hear footsteps but I ignore them. I feel someone's arms wrap around my waist.

But these aren't warm gentle hands. These are not Tobias's hands. The man spins me around, pressing on one of my bruises.

I don't even see who it is before lips are pressed to mine. "FOUR! HELP ME! Please!" I keep my eyes closed. I don't hear much. The man yells, "Shut up you whore!" And I feel a smack to my temple.

I hear somebody running. And my vision is going in and out. Come on Tris. Stay awake. You defied serums. You can do it. "Tobias.." I whimper. "Please!"

And a kick to the head knocks me out.

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