Ch. 28

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Tris POV:

"I hate this wheelchair!" Lynn yells, as she bumps into random people. I can see her hold in a laugh when she knocks Peter over- and I would too.

"Don't worry Lynn, you'll get crutches-" she glares at me and I just laugh. She says she doesn't want crutches, but I know some benefits.

I walk over to her a whisper into her ear. "Come on, you can hit Peter with your crutches." She laughs and rolls her eyes, and I look over to see Peter snort and dust off his clothes.

We laugh a little, and she rolls over to the side of the table. I sit down, and place two plates of Dauntless cake in front of us. I've been spending more time than usual with her, but she needs it. After all, she's helped me get through some rough times, so I may as well help her with hers.

"So, Lynn, how are you?" She snorts and I laugh a little. "Not good I'm guessing?"

She shakes her head no, but is laughing. "No, it's just- I'm tired of seeing YOU all the time." I put on a mask of mock hurt on, knowing she's joking, and smile.

"Oh good I'm a little tired of seeing you!" I yell back, almost crying from laughing too hard. I'm happy we are good supporting friends.

Lynn just smiles, and it's at rare times when she does, so I feel happy any time I make her smile. It's been about five months since she was paralyzed. I still get nightmares sometimes, and Tobias holds me tight, and I pray that he'll never let go.

"Be quiet you Pansycake!" She yells, I give her a confused looks and she smirks.

"Look who's talking- you were just yelling"

She rolls her eyes, and we are in silence as we finish our cake. Not an awkward silence, but a comfortable one. I grab our plates and throw them away.

"Well Lynn, I have to go. I'll see you later!" She waves a little in her wheelchair, and I keep walking. "Buh-Bye!"

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